Celebrity Big Brother: It’s time for a streaming season

Julie Chen Moonves Smiles Big
Julie Chen Moonves continues as the host of Big Brother during Summer 2023. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Admedia

Celebrity Big Brother USA is a popular spin-off of the regular summer version of the show.

With a cast made up entirely of celebrities, a shorter season of the game is played, and the first three installments have taken place during the winter months.

Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t get to see Celebrity Big Brother 4 this winter, as CBS has too many shows that are doing really well in the ratings.

But maybe there is a good alternative that the producers could take advantage of in order to bring Big Brother fans more content.

Despite not being quite as popular as the summer version of the show, Celebrity Big Brother still has millions of fans.

And those fans definitely want some new content, especially if the producers bring in some intriguing and exciting people to play the game.

Time to move Celebrity Big Brother

Rather than have Celebrity Big Brother 4 air on CBS during the winter, the producers should do a season that airs entirely on Paramount+.

The streaming service is already in place, and the show has done an online version before with Big Brother: Over the Top.

BBOTT was done entirely online, with fans getting to take part in the decision-making and also voting on the winner. That’s something that could very easily translate to a season of CBB, and it might be a lot of fun.

Taking advantage of the streaming service that is already available and making CBB a regular show could certainly bring more eyes to Paramount+, making it a great situation for CBS. Plus, new content is always a big draw for people needing a new show.

Plus, having CBB in place would be a great way to advertise for the regular summer version of the show and attract more people who might be interested in checking it out.

More Big Brother news

There were some interesting Big Brother 25 rumors here about the cast that got shared. It may help create some buzz for the upcoming season.

Julie Chen Moonves also teased a possible theme for BB25, getting social media stirred up quite well. She has been very good at doing that over the years.

A lot of time still needs to pass until the Summer 2023 season of Big Brother arrives, with the first episode expected in late June or early July.

And for Big Brother fans who cannot get enough, four former houseguests are on The Traitors, which is a new reality competition show airing on Peacock this winter.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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