Big Brother alums featured in official trailer for The Traitors

Rachel Reilly Red Carpet
Rachel Reilly from Big Brother is a part of the cast for The Traitors. Pic credit: ©

The Traitors finally has a full-length trailer out, and it features the four Big Brother alums who are taking part in the show.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, 10 celebrities and 10 regular people are taking part in a new reality competition series that will air on Peacock.

Among the celebrities are four people who have played Big Brother before, including BB22 winner Cody Calafiore and BB13 winner Rachel Reilly.

The show is hosted by actor Alan Cumming, and it seeks to combine challenges with a game that is based on psychological warfare.

Most of the rules are explained well in the trailer below, but it basically boils down to 20 people competing for a big cash prize.

The twist is that three people are “Traitors,” and they are working against the rest of the group. Everyone else is a “Faithful,” trying to figure out who is working against them in order to vote them out.

Trailer for The Traitors

Below is the full-length trailer that Peacock has released for the series premiere of The Traitors. We get to see the game being played, and it gives viewers a feel for how this new reality competition show is going to work.

More on The Traitors

All 10 episodes for Season 1 of The Traitors will be dropped by Peacock on January 12. This will allow people to binge-watch the entire series in just a day or two.

It will be very interesting to see how the regular people do against the celebrities and if anyone gets so star-struck that they wind up distracted from the mission at hand.

What could make this even more interesting is that we are going to see Rachel and Cody from Big Brother battle against each other for the first time. Will they be as entertaining as they have been in the Big Brother house?

Rachel Reilly Fashion Show
Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly is on The Traitors US. Pic credit: ©

This show has been done for U.K. and Australia already, with a lot of positive buzz hitting social media following those seasons. If the U.S. cast makes it entertaining, we may get more seasons of this show in the future.

Looking forward, host Julie Chen Moonves also teased a Big Brother 25 theme, with that new season taking place during Summer 2023 on CBS. Fresh BB25 rumors hint at cast members already being contacted as well.

The Traitors arrives January 12 on Peacock.