The Traitors: Season 2 is on the way

Alan Cumming Red Carpet
Alan Cumming hosts The Traitors for Peacock. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

The Traitors is a new reality competition show that debuted its first season on Peacock this winter.

Combining a group of reality TV stars with regular folks, 20 people competed for a nice cash prize.

All episodes from the first season were made available at the same time, allowing viewers to binge-watch them in a short period of time.

Social media was buzzing quite a bit as people started watching the episodes, giving the show a lot of free publicity.

Now, Season 2 has been ordered by Peacock, showing that the first season has already been dubbed a success by the network.

This is great news, especially if the show keeps a similar format with reality TV stars taking part.

While some viewers would prefer a season of just regular people, the celebrities certainly help bring eyes to the show.

The Traitors Season 2 has been ordered

Since this is just an announcement from Peacock that Season 2 of The Traitors has been ordered, there is no drop date to go along with it yet.

The producers may already have a theme and filming schedule in mind, but eager viewers may have to wait a while before learning when the season will be available for streaming.

For now, everyone can start debating about which reality TV stars should be given a shot this next time around. Will there be more Big Brother and Survivor alums taking part? Stay tuned!

More reality television news

A new season of Survivor is on the way this spring. Earlier this week, the full Survivor 44 cast was revealed, giving fans a look at the 18 people who competed for the $1 million prize this time around.

There is also a new season of Big Brother arriving this summer, with producers asking for more BB25 applicants.

Quite a few rumors about returning houseguests have been floating around, leading to a lot of buzzing on social media about who should get another chance at the game.

Those rumors led to a fan poll about which Big Brother alums should get invited to play on Big Brother 25. It yielded some interesting results and a few surprising names.

A new season of The Amazing Race has also been announced, with the race around the world set to begin again for CBS viewers.

And for anyone who was wondering, host Alan Cumming will be back for The Traitors Season 2. Now, the waiting game begins until the new cast announcements are made.

The Traitors Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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Linda wells
Linda wells
1 year ago

Captain only wants to put his dingis in Camille.. that’s the only reason I can see hiring her back .. she does NOTHING to help her other workers .. she is a waste .. I will now watch below deck down under or the yatchs with Marcos as the chef