Tyler Crispen talks about going through depression in new video about his life, Big Brother, and the breakup

Tyler Crispen BB20
Big Brother alum Tyler Crispen has played the game twice. Pic credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother 20 alum Tyler Crispen shared an intense new video where he got vulnerable and talked about how depression almost got him.

For much of the video, he calls it “The D-word” while relaying how close he feels that it almost got him “permanently” due to what he was going through.

The video itself starts off with Tyler showing the world how he likes to start his day now. He says that those few minutes are golden when it comes to getting going.

Within his early-morning routine now, Tyler likes to take a short walk to clear his head and then jump into his pool filled with really cold water.

At about the six-minute mark of the video, Tyler begins talking about what he is up to now and that he is finally in the “zone” of his life again.

He also touched on his feelings that “Big Brother 20 Tyler” was a lot different than “Big Brother 22 Tyler” on TV. He’s not wrong, as fans at home saw him playing a much different game the second time around.

Tyler also calls 2022 the “worst year” of his life.

Tyler Crispen talks about his breakup with Angela Rummans

At about the 9:30 mark of the video, Tyler begins talking about what went wrong in his relationship with Angela. He says that his relationship with Angela was “amazing” while also saying that he wasn’t able to be himself.

The theme of the video seems to be that Tyler is now putting himself on his own back and that it all helped him emerge from a “dark time” that he is glad to be passed.

The full video that Tyler posted is shared below.

More Big Brother news

According to a new poll, many Big Brother fans want to see Tyler Crispen play again. It would certainly be intriguing to see what a “single” Tyler could do in the house with another shot.

Maybe it would be fun to see Tyler play on the second season of The Traitors.

Elsewhere in the world of Big Brother, rumors are starting to pick up about the BB25 cast. Will there be returners this season? Is part of the theme to give people a second chance? The producers are staying pretty quiet about it for now.

To go back and watch Tyler playing the game, all episodes from Big Brother 20 and Big Brother 22 (All-Stars 2) are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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