Celebrity Big Brother finale: Will Todrick Hall take responsibility for his actions or play the victim?

Todrick Hall CBB3 POV
Todrick Hall was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother finale airs Wednesday night on CBS, and with it comes the opportunity for Todrick Hall to own up to everything that he has done inside of the Big Brother house this winter.

Todrick has a golden opportunity, on primetime television, to make an attempt at redemption, not just in the eyes of the viewers, but also for the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast.

When he got out of the house earlier this week, Lamar Odom said Todrick “played the victim” and acted “immaturely” during the season. It echoed a sentiment that a lot of people grew to have after watching a steady stream of personal attacks come from Todrick during episodes and on the live feeds.

In her own exit interviews, Shanna Moakler said Todrick “constantly plays the victim” while pretending it is all about playing the game. When she learned about the personal attacks Todrick made about her appearance, her kids, her family, and her life outside of the house, she was very disheartened by it.

And after he got evicted, Todd Bridges was shocked when he learned what Todrick had been saying about him behind his back. It suggests that Todd would not want to vote for Todrick on finale night, no matter who ends up in the final two.

What will Todrick Hall do at the Celebrity Big Brother finale?

If Todrick makes it to the final two, he will have to give his resume to the CBB3 jury and talk about why he deserves to win this season. He will also have to answer questions from the eight jurors, many of which may have some pointed things to ask him about how he conducted himself inside of the Big Brother house.

One major problem is that Todrick has still been talking down about evicted houseguests, and Todrick even feels Shanna should be the one to apologize to him due to everything that happened this winter. Will he overcome that denial in the face of the first adversity he has faced this season?

Todrick has not faced any real adversity in the Big Brother house yet, no matter how he wants to spin the story that he is going to tell on finale night and when he has officially left the game.

And when Todrick was dragging The Cookout with Miesha, after lying to Cynthia about The Cookout, it’s possible he may have burned some bridges along the way. Below is a YouTube video from someone who was collecting receipts about all of that.

Will Todrick act differently when he sees what social media says?

Social media has jumped all over the former American Idol contestant, with a hashtag about Todrick leading to quite a few people sharing stories about his past. A lot of Big Brother fans have used the #TodrickExposedParty term on social media and it got him trending at one point. Some of the stories that Twitter users are sharing are probably false, but Todrick’s brand is taking a huge hit right now.

The question becomes whether he is going to face this head-on and try to fix what has taken place, or if Todrick is going to double down, claim it’s a bitter jury, roll his eyes at concerns aired by jury members, and appear insincere if he does face adversity on finale night.

The Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother comes to a close at 8/7c on Wednesday, February 23.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 finale airs Wednesday, February 23 at 8/7c on CBS.

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