Lamar Odom agrees Todrick Hall ‘played the victim’ on Big Brother, said ‘I’ve never even heard of him’

Lamar Odom And Julie Chen Moonves
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguest Lamar Odom finished in fifth place on the season. Pic credit: CBS

Lamar Odom has a lot to say about Todrick Hall after the former NBA star got evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Late Monday night, Lamar and Todd Bridges posted about Todrick Hall on social media after they got their phones back, and early on Tuesday, the exit interviews started to get released.

The great thing about having Lamar on Celebrity Big Brother 3 was that he was always extremely honest in the house. Even if he didn’t really understand the game and how it worked, he could always be counted on to give his honest opinions about people and situations.

Many Big Brother fans saw when Lamar shut down Todrick as he talked about Shanna Moakler. Todrick’s “white blonde girl” comment also ended up turning a lot of fans against him, as it was just another step too far from the former American Idol contestant.

Lamar Odom speaks about Todrick Hall, Celebrity Big Brother

Sharon Tharp from Us Weekly asked Lamar if he agreed with Shanna Moakler, who said Todrick “constantly plays the victim” when she gave her own exit interviews. He responded to that inquiry and several other ones, leading to some really great answers that Sharon got from Lamar.

“I think so, but I think that’s the position that maybe he’s used to being in from being a gay African American man in society. I could see how it was hard, but in the house, that’s where you have a clean slate. I don’t think anybody was judging him,” Lamar responded about Todrick playing a victim repeatedly on the show.

Lamar also commented on what he called “The hit that Todrick is taking from the outside world” and how much he thinks that Todrick loves the world of social media. The backlash has also surprised Lamar a bit, but he gave his thoughts on why it might have happened.

“He took the wrong approach to winning and playing a game. I think that was kind of obvious when he won the HOH. And then he even, after he won the HOH, he comes downstairs still singing. ‘HOH!’ I thought that was a gloat. There’s a certain way to win and a certain way to lose,” Lamar stated as his overall opinion of how Todrick approached and played the game. 

“In his way to being a celebrity … you know, I’ve never even heard of him. But it’s funny because I have a friend who, she could have sworn that he was gonna be in the house for some reason. She had a gut feeling and she told me that he was a person that I would have to keep my eye on,” Lamar went on to say when Sharon asked him more about his experience with Todrick.

Lamar talks about becoming a sitcom star with Todd Bridges

“Yeah. Me and Todd were even thinking about a sitcom together because our energy was so good together. People seemed to feed off of it. If he can get the name Willis back, we were probably going to call it Willis and Lammy,” Lamar said when he was told that Big Brother fans loved the relationship between the pair that surfaced during the season.

“I think we could get a good response if we get somebody to write something up. I wouldn’t mind moving back to L.A. to become a sitcom star. I never thought that would happen, but God puts things in front of us and it’s up to us to make the decisions to take it or turn it down,” Lamar went on to add.

Big Brother fans will get to see Lamar Odom and Todd Bridges again when they return as part of the CBB3 jury for finale night. On Wednesday, February 23, they will each vote on who should become the Celebrity Big Brother 3 winner. That person will leave the Big Brother house with a nice $250,000 prize.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 finale airs Wednesday, February 23 at 8/7c on CBS.

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2 years ago

what a bunch of typical “victim” boffalo soldier hypocrites.