Janelle Pierzina very upset about Todrick Hall’s ‘blonde white girl’ comment on Celebrity Big Brother feeds

Todrick Hall Playing CBB3
Todrick Hall continues to make personal attacks on Shanna Moakler in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

Even after Shanna Moakler has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Todrick Hall cannot stop making personal attacks against her, and many people are noticing.

When Todrick made a comment about “blonde white girl[s]” on Tuesday morning, it set off former Big Brother houseguest Janelle Pierzina, who has grown tired of Todrick’s schtick in the house.

A former Big Brother winner has even called Todrick a “bad person” due to the personal attacks he is dishing out instead of just playing the game. And now, Todrick is starting to show he had ulterior motives in trying to make Shanna look bad.

As for Shanna, she unfollowed her boyfriend once she got out of the house and has also postponed her exit interviews, showing that she is definitely going through something after her eviction.

Todrick shames ‘white blonde girl[s]’ to Lamar Odom

On Tuesday morning, right around 11:17 a.m. PT (house time), Todrick Hall started making more comments about Shanna Moakler and was growing frustrated that Lamar Odom had mentioned it would have been a better idea to keep a weaker competitor (Shanna) still in the game.

“In 2022, do you wanna help some like white, blonde girl get to the end,” Todrick started and got cut off by Lamar who didn’t want to hear him bringing up race again.

“Color of her skin didn’t matter,” Lamar inserted.

“It’s not about that, though,” Todrick said as he tried to recover.

“So why’d you bring it up?” Lamar asked.

“I’m just saying…,” Todrick uttered as he trailed off.

The conversation would continue from there, with Lamar shutting down what Todrick was trying to do (again).

Below is a video clip from part of the conversation, but most of the entire discussion can still be seen on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds.

Janelle Pierzina responds to Todrick Hall’s ‘blonde white girl’ comments

“So wait… it’s ok to accept a music award with a blonde white girl when it furthers your career, but a blonde white girl can’t win Big Brother because of the color of her skin. Make it make sense. Oh and Lamar…. you dropped this king ?,” Janelle Pierzina posted on her Twitter page.

It has led to many responses from Big Brother fans, quite a few of whom used to be cheering on Todrick but are appalled by how he has been acting toward Shanna in the house. Instead of getting credit for the big game move he made in convincing Cynthia Bailey and Carson Kressley to vote out their ally, Todrick has become addicted to making personal attacks against Shanna, even after she is gone from the game.

Below are some tweets from fans who have gotten really upset about what Todrick is saying and has said about Shanna.

CBB Fan on Todrick
A CBB3 fan posted about Todrick going after Shanna. Pic credit: @Sasha_Smierce/Twitter
CBB3 Fan About Todrick
Another CBB3 fan posting about Todrick’s personal attacks. Pic credit: @Fashion_Nexus/Twitter
Third CBB3 Fan Against Todrick
Yet another CBB3 fan posting about Todrick’s personal attacks. Pic credit: @TVTweets2022/Twitter

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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