Shanna Moakler unfollowed boyfriend after leaving Big Brother house

Shanna In CBB3 Bed
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguest Shanna Moakler finished in seventh place on the season. Pic credit: CBS

While Shanna Moakler was inside the Big Brother house, there was a lot of drama surrounding her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau.

It was reported that Rondeau was jealous of Moakler chatting with Lamar Odom and that he had even taken down photos that she was in on social media.

Former houseguest Teddi Mellencamp also stated Rondeau “slid into my DMS” after she got evicted earlier in the season. It sent up some big red flags about Rondeau and the future of his relationship with Moakler.

While Moakler was playing on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season, she didn’t know what was going on outside of the house, but upon getting evicted on Monday night, she was able to catch up on everything.

She may also be regretting her statement on the show about looking forward to a kiss from him as soon as she exited the game.

Shanna Moakler unfollows Matthew Rondeau on social media

According to Page Six, Moakler unfollowed Rondeau on Instagram right after she got voted off of the show, making it likely that she was given her phone back after the show and then found out what had been taking place. She has not yet issued a statement, but Moakler could get asked questions about the situation when she begins giving her Celebrity Big Brother post-eviction interviews.

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Speaking of post-eviction interviews, Chris Kattan revealed why he quit Celebrity Big Brother. A lot of fans could tell that he was having a difficult time adjusting to the Big Brother house and he came clean about what was affecting him during the game.

We might see Kattan again on finale night, but he doesn’t get to cast a vote in deciding who wins Celebrity Big Brother 2022. The rest of the jury will get to decide who wins the $250,000 prize and there are a lot of contenders left in the house.

There is only a little over a week left on CBB3, and here is a breakdown of all the episodes left to air on CBS. The season has gone by rather quickly, but there is another season on the horizon for Summer 2022.

The Big Brother 24 applications are open and fans hoping to play the game should apply for a chance to win that $750,000 prize that is being advertised. It looks to be a season made up of entirely new houseguests.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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