Chris Kattan reveals why he quit Celebrity Big Brother in new interview

Chris Kattan Quits CBB3
SNL comedian Chris Kattan quit Celebrity Big Brother in 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Chris Kattan was a member of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast, but he ended up leaving the show earlier than expected.

While on the nomination block next to Mirai Nagasu, Kattan expressed that he was fine being the one evicted and even said his goodbyes to the rest of the celebrities.

But they weren’t ready to let him leave the Big Brother house, and, instead, they unanimously voted to evict Nagasu. That kept Kattan in the house, and it looked like he was extremely disappointed.

A few days later, the Big Brother live feeds went down, and when the cameras came back on, Chris Kattan had quit the game.

Though CBS did end up confirming during the Friday night episode that Kattan was gone, no real reason was given for his exit until now.

Chris Kattan talks about why he quit Celebrity Big Brother

“It was a difficult thing being cut off from the outside world, having no communication whatsoever. And having cameras on you 24/7 with microphones, you cannot express yourself and tell your true emotions without it being on film and live on television for millions to watch,” Chris Kattan expressed to Mike Bloom in an interview about why he left Celebrity Big Brother.

“But I want to be clear; it was about my family. I missed my family; I missed my loved ones. And there was a family thing going on. My stepfather’s not doing so well. And the fact that I couldn’t communicate with them was difficult,” Kattan went on to explain.

Later, Kattan did state that he had a lot of fun on the show, that he became friends with Mirai Nagasu, and that he got a good laugh out of learning he was “the cake guy” on Celebrity Big Brother after his late-night snacking in the kitchen.

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There are some important episodes coming up on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 TV schedule, so make sure to tune in each night to see which celebrities make it all the way to the end. The season finale is quickly sneaking up on us, and someone will be leaving the house with a $250,000 prize. Someone is also going to be named America’s Favorite Player and leave with a $25,000 prize.

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Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS in February 2022.

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