Chris Kattan reveals why he quit Celebrity Big Brother in new interview

Chris Kattan was a member of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast, but he ended up leaving the show earlier than expected. While on the nomination block next to Mirai Nagasu, Kattan expressed that he was fine being the one evicted and even said his goodbyes to the rest of the celebrities. But they weren’t


Did Chris Kattan quit Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother cast member Chris Kattan has quit the show. It has been confirmed that the comedian decided to quit Celebrity Big Brother 2022, shortly after he tried to convince the rest of the cast to evict him. On the Monday night episode, Kattan told America that he was ready to go, urging the


Celebrity Big Brother 3: Who is Chris Kattan?

Chris Kattan is a member of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast. CBS released the full BB Celeb cast list this week and we learned that 11 people are competing for the grand prize. Unfortunately, the first episode on the BB Celeb TV schedule doesn’t arrive until Wednesday, February 2, but the houseguests aren’t waiting around for that