Chris Kattan returns to social media after leaving Celebrity Big Brother, Teddi Mellencamp thanks him

Chris Kattan CBB3 Struggles
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 featured SNL alum Chris Kattan. Pic credit: CBS

Former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Chris Kattan is back on social media after leaving the game this week.

The shocking revelation came out on Wednesday that Kattan left the Big Brother house, sending shockwaves through the fandom.

Back on Monday night’s episode, Kattan told America that he was ready to go before trying to convince the rest of the cast to keep Mirai Nagasu in the house.

His ploy to get voted out of the game didn’t work, but his struggles in the house led to a lot of Big Brother fans learning about Kattan’s broken neck.

What exactly happened that finally led to Kattan self-evicting will be covered during the February 11 episode of Celebrity Big Brother, but he has already resurfaced on social media since leaving the game.

Chris Kattan makes a post on social media, Teddi Mellencamp thanks him

“I just met a girl named Maris,” reads the caption now up on an Instagram photo of Chris Kattan and journalist Maria Libri-Sigle.

It was a way to let everyone know that he was out of the Big Brother house without making an official statement yet.

Already, Kattan has received a lot of support from former houseguests, showing how much love a lot of people have for the former SNL star.

Kat Dunn from Big Brother 21 left a colorful note, Angela Rockstar from Big Brother 20 told him he “did great” on the show, and Rachel Swindler from BB20 called him a “talented king” in a comment.

Chris Kattan Fans
Fans leave Chris Kattan comments of support. Pic credit: @ChrisKattanOfficial/Instagram

Teddi Mellencamp, who was also on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast, left a lengthy comment of her own. Teddi was the first person who was voted out of the house this winter.

“Thank you for your kindness and all the laughs in the house! Love this post. Welcome home,” wrote Mellencamp.

Teddi On Chris CBB3
Teddi comments on Chris Kattan’s Instagram photo. Pic credit: @TeddiMellencamp/Instagram

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We will find out during the next episode how it will all play out, and here is the list of Celebrity Big Brother episodes that remain on the schedule.

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Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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