Celebrity Big Brother rumors: Fans wondered if Chris Kattan quit as live feeds remained turned off

Second CBB3 Eviction
Chris Kattan tried to save Mirai Nagasu from getting voted out of Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother rumors certainly got hold of fans following the eviction episode on Monday night.

Earlier in the evening, Mirai Nagasu was evicted from the Big Brother house, making her the second celebrity to get sent home.

Before that, though, Chris Kattan had been on the block, and when he was asked to tell the other houseguests why he wanted to stay in the game, it was almost as though he was asking them to vote him out.

Within the contracts they have signed, the celebrities don’t get paid if they quit Big Brother. It looked like Kattan might have wanted to take advantage of the loophole that exists where they can simply push to get voted out.

As has been shown on the feeds and the show itself, Kattan seems to be having some troubles.

For any Big Brother fans who didn’t know, here is a report on Chris Kattan breaking his neck and how it has impacted his life.

Chris Kattan seemingly asks to be voted off of Celebrity Big Brother

“Chris, you were right when you said that I don’t know much about gameplaying,” Chris Kattan said to HOH Chris Kirkpatrick as he got up to give his speech.

“I love you all, and I think it’s time for me to move on,” Kattan continued

Turning to Mirai, Kattan stated, “And you’ve been very dedicated to playing the game and it’s been very important to you, and I’ve seen that for a while.”

Kattan also said that Mirai should stay and that he should be the one to move on.

Despite his speech, the houseguests voted 7-0 to send Mirai out the front door.

Big Brother fans become convinced Chris Kattan quit the show

As soon as the new episode of Celebrity Big Brother came to an end, Chris Kattan was called to the Diary Room. It’s something that typically happens after someone survives the block, but it’s possible that the producers also wanted to talk him out of possibly quitting the show.

No matter what happened in the Diary Room, the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds remained down, even after it was expected that they would get turned back on later in the evening. There was some conjecture online that the feeds were down for a new (long) Head of Household Competition, but as the hours wore on, some fans started surmising that Chris Kattan quit Big Brother.

Below are just some of the posts that have been written on social media where people claim that they know Kattan quit. We have no confirmation or source to back up that information at this time, but these Celebrity Big Brother rumors are definitely consuming the Twitterverse and live feed chat rooms.

Update: When the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds turned back on early Tuesday morning (February 8), Chris Kattan was shown resting in bed. Carson Kressley hinted that he had been through a tough day, so it seems to suggest that something took place after the episode aired. We will have to wait to find out exactly what.

Jordan Scott Twitter
Big Brother fan says Chris Kattan quit. Pic credit: @JordanScott_/Twitter
Kattan Quit Post
Another BB fan says Chris Kattan quit. Pic credit: @ripstaircase/Twitter
Assuming Kattan Quit
BB fan assuming someone quit the show. Pic credit: @HamsterWatch/Twitter

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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1 year ago

he came to the realization that $100k for being a lazyass is too good to pass up on. hes just one of two straight white male stooges placed in the game to lose. on the upside, mirai the disinformed delusional japanese anti-white racist hypocrite is goners. HA HA and good riddance. hopefully racist#2 goes next, that drughead loser lamar