How much do Celebrity Big Brother contestants get paid to be on the show?

Chris Kattan CBB3 Cast
Chris Kattan is trying to win $250,000 on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Everyone gets paid to be on Celebrity Big Brother.

In fact, everyone gets paid to appear on the regular Big Brother as well, but the celebrities get a nice appearance fee instead of just a stipend.

Some Big Brother fans might also be surprised to hear that the BB celebrities don’t play for charity, unlike some of the other shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune that seek to reward a lot of charities.

It means that the nice prize money that is on the line during the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season could soon be going into the pockets of the remaining players.

How much do Celebrity Big Brother contestants get paid to be on the show?

When it comes to getting paid, the Celebrity Big Brother contestants receive an appearance fee if they fulfill their contracts. The contracts state that they have to play out the full season and that they can’t just quit and go home early. The contracts also allow CBS to use any footage obtained and to show the celebrities on the live feeds.

The appearance fee is paid out in addition to the prize money, and everyone walks away with a nice paycheck for dedicating roughly a month to playing the reality competition show.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast members each reportedly received $100,000 just to play the game. It means Tamar Braxton, who was the Celebrity Big Brother winner that season, left with the $100,000 appearance fee and an additional $250,000 for getting selected as the winner.

The exact number that the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast received has not been released yet, but it is safe to assume that it is right around that number, or possibly even more since everyone had to go through additional medical testing this time.

More news and notes about Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season

There are a lot of episodes left and here is the Celebrity Big Brother TV schedule for the remainder of the season. On the season finale, the CBB jury will vote to decide which celebrity is going to win the grand prize.

On the Big Brother live feeds, Shanna Moakler was seen calling Miesha Tate an “a**hole” and it is very clear that Shanna is not a fan of Miesha.

That wasn’t the only buzzworthy moment from the feeds, either, as an accident that Lamar Odom had in his bed was the talk of social media for a while.

Now, Big Brother fans are talking about how Teddi Mellencamp threw Todd Bridges under the bus during her exit interview. She had some negative things to say about the way that Todrick Hall is playing the game as well.

Stay tuned folks, because when it starts getting down to the point of alliance members turning on each other, this seems like a BB Celeb cast that could be involved in a lot of drama before the season comes to a close.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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2 years ago

No desire to watch this worthless show with celebrities.

2 years ago

dimwits. bruce jenner was paid $500,000 and amarosa whateverhernameis $250,000. to appear on Australian BB (amarosa voted out first LOL and bruce begged everyone to vote him out a week later so hed still get paid). pathetic. BB usa and cbs with their anti-straight-white-male antics sucks.