Teddi Mellencamp throws Todd Bridges under bus, says Todrick Hall plays ‘dirty’ in Big Brother exit interview

Teddi Mellencamp CBB3 Exit
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 saw Teddi Mellencamp finish in 11th place. Pic credit: CBS

Teddi Mellencamp was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 3 on Friday night, but she has a few parting shots for the celebrities who are still playing the game.

In Episode 3 of CBB3, Teddi became the first houseguest evicted this season. She was sent packing on a 5-3 vote while sitting against Todd Bridges in the eviction chairs.

Todd wound up on the block due to the Big Brother Mon Won twist, with Mirai Nagasu gaining safety right before the eviction vote. It left the rest of the Celebrity Big Brother cast scrambling, and Todd ended up giving a very short statement before the vote.

But Teddi tells a different story, where something happened during the commercial break that led to her lashing out at Todd when she tried to convince the rest of the celebrities to keep her in the game.

Teddi Mellencamp got upset with Todd Bridges

“Well, during the commercial break, Todd’s like, ‘Guys, do what you’ve got to do. I don’t care about being here. I’m fine, blah, blah, blah.’ So I mean, it was directed at Todd,” Teddi said about her eviction speech in an interview with Mike Bloom.

“And he got frustrated! He was like, ‘Why did you throw me under the bus?!’ And I was like, ‘Well, because you’ve been saying you don’t want to be here.’ I don’t play that kind of game. I want to be here. I want to fight. And if you don’t care, then go home,” Teddi elaborated.

This all stemmed from Teddi’s belief that Todd was pretending to not care about not being there and that he was simply using it as a strategy in the game. She was not a fan of that particular strategy.

Teddi calls Todrick Hall ‘untrustworthy’

One of the things that Big Brother fans saw during the second episode of CBB3 was that Todrick Hall was taking a page right out of the Tyler Crispen strategy book. Todrick began making alliances with almost everyone in the house, and it quickly got messy due to some of them targeting each other.

When Todrick started learning secrets about one alliance, he would then take it to another alliance. When Miesha Tate let Todrick know that Teddi was going to be a target as a replacement nominee, Todrick shared that secret right away. And that wasn’t the only time that Todrick was telling stories around the house.

“I don’t know if they showed this. But Todrick went to Carson and told him, ‘Because of our history and us both being together, I’m going to fight for you.’ And once I realized he turned on Carson, I was like, ‘He will turn on anyone,'” Teddi later said in her interview.

“Because [Todrick and Carson] were friends prior to the show. And I was warned prior. I read on Twitter that he would be on there, and one of my friends who knows him warned me. I was like, ‘Oh, this guy plays dirty,'” Teddi added in her comments about Todrick’s gameplay.

She went on to call Todrick “untrustworthy” and stated that she was going to target him if she became the new Head of Household.

For Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, here are some CBB3 spoilers about who the new HOH is in the house. It’s not Teddi, though, who will have to watch from the outside of the Big Brother house as the rest of the season plays out.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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