Celebrity Big Brother 2022 recap: Time for some eviction nominees and a safety power

Miesha Tate Nom Ceremony
Miesha Tate got to nominate two people for eviction on CBB3 Episode 2. Pic credit: CBS

A new episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2022 aired on Thursday night.

This was the first time since the premiere for fans to learn more info because the Big Brother live feeds were delayed by producers.

On the BB Celeb season premiere, 11 new celebrities were introduced to the game. They are each competing for a $250,000 prize.

The most important moment of the first episode was UFC fighter, Miesha Tate, winning the first HOH Competition.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 recap for Episode 2

Miesha had the first Diary Room session of the episode, where she said that she didn’t have any targets for eviction yet. As the Head of Household, she was going to be tasked with putting two people on the block.

The houseguests were also shown getting a tad concerned about the secret power/punishment that was in the Gala Gift Basket that host Julie Chen Moonves had mentioned during the premiere. That would come up again later in the episode.

Alliances on Celebrity Big Brother 2022

Miesha approached Todrick Hall about being in an alliance while promising him safety and trying to secure a final two. She then called over Lamar Odom to team up with them as well. She expressed a desire for the athletes to all work together.

As a reminder, Shanna Moakler, Carson Kressley, Cynthia Bailey, and Todrick already formed an alliance almost as soon as they walked in the front door.

Alliance building continued, as Todrick started to use the Tyler Crispen strategy from BB20 of forming an alliance with everyone else in the Big Brother house.

Later, Mirai Nagasu and Teddi Mellencamp were shown joining the foursome of Shanna, Carson, Cynthia, and Todrick. That six-person alliance didn’t include the HOH, though, so it set the stage for some drama and hurt feelings at the upcoming Nomination Ceremony. They named their alliance The Formation.

Getting to know the BB Celeb cast members

Todd Bridges was part of a humorous segment due to his snoring, with several other cast members making fun of the sounds that were coming from his bed.

Lamar Odom had a segment where he spoke about how much he missed his former wife, Khloe Kardashian. He also mentioned that he still really wants to get back together with her. Here is a clip of Lamar pining over Khloe.

Miesha formulates a nomination plan

Miesha brought Todrick and Chris Kirkpatrick up to her HOH Room to discuss plans. Her initial thoughts were to nominate Chris Kattan and Todd, with the plan being to get Teddi out at the first Eviction Ceremony.

Later, Miesha asked Mirai to work with her, but then told Mirai she wanted to use her as a pawn. Miesha also told Mirai that her plan was to backdoor Teddi. Since Mirai was aligned with Teddi, she went and told Teddi about Miesha’s new plan. And that kicked off the drama.

Todrick learned what had happened and he went to tell Miesha what Mirai had done. Miesha and Teddi eventually talked, with Teddi promising safety if Miesha kept her off of the block.

Opening the Big Brother Gala Gift

The Gala Gift was presented as a hat that the houseguests passed around. Miesha would give it to someone and that person would then pass it to someone else. Each person could only hold it one time, and the last person left with it would then be safe for the week.

Miesha gave it to Chris Kirkpatrick. Chris then gave it to Chris Kattan. It was then passed to (in order) Todd, Teddi, Lamar, Carson, Todrick, and Mirai Nagasu. That left just Shanna and Cynthia, meaning Mirai was deciding who would be safe for the week.

Mirai passed the gift to Shanna, meaning Cynthia Bailey became safe for the week. It was also stated that Cynthia had received the power of safety and a curse, but the curse part was not yet explained.

First Nomination Ceremony for Celebrity Big Brother 2022

At the first Nomination Ceremony of the season. Miesha Tate nominated Mirai Nagasu and Carson Kressley for eviction. She let Carson know that he was just a pawn, meaning Miesha was likely the target for eviction unless the Power of Veto changes things.

That brings an end to the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Episode 2 recap. Here is the BB Celeb episode schedule for anyone who needs it. On the next episode, we will see the first eviction from the Winter 2022 season.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 airs on CBS during February.

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