Celebrity Big Brother 2022 recap: Time to meet the celebrities

CBB3 Begins On CBS
The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast is off to the races this season. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season has officially begun. Or, rather, CBS finally aired the season premiere episode.

The Celebrities had actually been playing the game for about a week before the first episode, so everything we got to see on the opening night was pre-taped.

As for the new cast for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, the players are Carson Kressley, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Cynthia Bailey, Lamar Odom, Miesha Tate, Mirai Nagasu, Shanna Moakler, Teddi Mellencamp, Todd Bridges, and Todrick Hall.

Here is a link to bios for each one in case you don’t recognize one or more of the celebrities who are battling it out for the $250,000 prize this summer.

Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother

The narrator welcomed viewers to the show, displayed the new-look house with a Swiss chalet theme, and then stepped aside for host Julie Chen Moonves. Julie then rattled off the accolades of some of the houseguests, and it was then time for the celebrities to begin entering the house one at a time.

Actor and reality TV star Carson Kressley was the first one to go in. He talked about really wanting to win the show and he walked the house before the next celebrity arrived. It was Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who Carson said he already knows.

The rest of the BB Celeb cast then came trickling in as well, giving their introductions to each other and doing a Diary Room session for CBS viewers to be reminded of what made each of them famous.

Shanna Moakler claimed to be a “Big Brother superfan” during her DR segment. Chris Kirkpatrick also said that he is a superfan, but that he planned to keep that a secret from the other houseguests.

If you have a hard time attaching names to faces, the tweet shared below is a good resource.

It’s time for Julie to explain the rules

After all 11 houseguests entered the house and enjoyed a nice champagne toast, it was then time to get down to business. Someone needed to become the first Head of Household for the winter season.

One alliance that seemed to form very quickly included Shanna, Carson, Cynthia, and Todrick. And they finalized a deal right before Julie appeared on the TV to tell them all that an HOH would be crowned before the night was over. Julie also revealed that two evictions would be taking place each week while she explained all of the rules in regard to nominations, vetos, and evictions.

Who is the first Celebrity Big Brother HOH?

The celebrities gathered to compete in the first Head of Household Competition. It involved being lifted high into the air on swings (one for each foot). Someone had to sit out, and Todd Bridges volunteered to do so. It meant he could not be HOH.

The last person who was able to stay perched would become the first HOH. Chris Kattan fell first. Almost immediately.

Cynthia was out second. Shanna and Lamar also each fell after less than five minutes in the challenge. That left just six people competing for HOH.

The other Chris was the next one to fall, followed by Carson (who acted like he dropped out on purpose). That left just Todrick, Miesha, Mirai, and Teddi battling it out for the power.

Mirai finished in fourth place. Todrick made a deal with Miesha to be safe and he then dropped out. That left Miesha against Teddi for the HOH crown.

When Teddi dropped, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate became the first Head of Household this winter. She will now have to nominate two people for eviction, and we will learn those names during the Nomination Ceremony on the next episode.

Julie appeared again to congratulate Miesha and let the houseguests know about a twist. She hinted that a power would be up for grabs, but the houseguests weren’t shown finding out what it was just yet. We didn’t see it either.

That brings an end to the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season premiere recap. The next episode arrives on Thursday, February 3 at 9/8c.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 airs on CBS during February.

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