Celebrity Big Brother live feeds delayed, fans not happy

CBB3 Premiere Image
The new season of Celebrity Big Brother has begun. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds have been delayed, and subscribers are not pleased with the late notice.

The first episode of CBBUS3 aired on Wednesday night, introducing the new cast as well as the first Head of Household.

After the episode came to an end for CT and ET viewers, the live feeds were supposed to be available. There was even a countdown clock that CBS was using to make sure that people tuned in at the right time.

But when the clock finished counting down, instead of the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds turning on, Paramount+ users were greeted with a message about everything being delayed. And people are not happy.

CBS delays the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds

“The live feeds are delayed. Please check back Friday for an update. In the meantime, relive all the drama from the season premiere on Paramount+!” reads the message now showing where the live feeds were supposed to be located.

A delay of a few minutes or even a few hours has been known to happen in the past, but a delay of several days isn’t something that paid subscribers want to encounter. Yet that is what everyone has to deal with as we wait to find out what is going on inside of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother fans are not pleased about the live feeds delay

Below are just some of the posts getting made on social media from Big Brother fans who are not pleased that the live feeds aren’t up and ready for consumption.

What’s next for Celebrity Big Brother 3?

On the CBBUS3 episode schedule, the next installment of the show arrives on Thursday night (February 3). It almost seems like subscribers were teased with the feeds in order to get them to tune in on Wednesday night for the live presentation of the season premiere.

For fans who watched the first episode and want to learn more about the first HOH, here is a bio for Miesha Tate. She definitely seemed like someone who could be a beast in competitions and she proved that thought to be correct during Episode 1.

With the live feeds down for a while, fans should expect a lot of Celebrity Big Brother rumors to pop up on social media, including suggestions that someone has left the show, so the feeds have to stay off to not spoil the surprise.

In reality, the feeds are likely down so that nobody can learn who was nominated, forcing Big Brother fans to tune in for the Thursday night episode, where the Nomination Ceremony will be an important part of the episode.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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