Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: We have a new HOH on CBB3

CBB3 Cast In Action
A look in on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast enjoying their time together. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have come from the live feeds in the overnight hours.

On Friday night, the first CBB3 Eviction Ceremony took place, resulting in Teddi Mellencamp getting eliminated from the game.

It took the cast down to just 10 people who are still competing for the $250,000 prize.

But even without Teddi in the house, the game must go on. Later in the evening, the celebrities took part in a new Head of Household Competition.

Who is the new HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds show that Chris Kirkpatrick is walking around the house with the HOH key around his neck. This means Chris is the new Head of Household, and that in the morning he is going to have to nominate two people for eviction.

What happens next on Celebrity Big Brother 2022?

Two houseguests are sent home each week on Celebrity Big Brother 2022, with those evictions taking place on the Monday and Friday night episodes.

Following that schedule, the next Eviction Ceremony is going to take place on the Monday, February 7 episode of Celebrity Big Brother. That’s not a long time for Chris to be in power, but it also means that he won’t have to stress about his decisions for very long.

The likely schedule for the Big Brother house is for Chris to reveal his nominations on Saturday (February 5), for six of the houseguests to play in the Veto Competition on Sunday (February 6), and for someone to get sent packing on Monday.

It’s going to be very interesting to see who Chris ends up putting on the block this weekend, especially since some of the primary alliances just got blown up by Miesha Tate taking out Teddi Mellencamp. When the dust settles from that situation, it could be a brand-new game.

More news and notes from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

Live feed subscribers saw the accident Lamar Odom had in his bed. He had a late meal that didn’t sit well with him, leading to a pretty big mess in his bed that he spoke about on the feeds.

That moment followed Lamar sharing his dreams about Khloe Kardashian with Todrick Hall. Lamar has spoken a lot about how much he misses Khloe and that he hopes their relationship can be sparked again.

A lot of Big Brother fans have also been asking about how Chris Kattan broke his neck. The former SNL star has been very open about that tragedy from his life, and it impacts the mobility of his neck and back on a daily basis.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during February 2022.

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