Celebrity Big Brother recap: A surprise eviction and a curse revealed

Miesha And Carson CBB3
Miesha Tate and Carson Kressley are working together on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season continued on Friday night with a two-hour episode.

This was also the night that Big Brother fans were going to finally catch up with what has been going on inside of the house.

The celebrities started playing the game more than a week before the season premiere, so a lot of pre-taped footage was shown on the first two episodes.

Now, it was finally time to get some “live” footage, and that included the first Eviction Ceremony of the season.

Would we get to see the accident Lamar Odom had in his bed? Would MMA fighter Miesha Tate get her target evicted?

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Episode 3 recap

On the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother, we found out that Cynthia Bailey was safe due to the Mon Won twist, and that Miesha had nominated Carson Kressley and Mirai Nagasu for eviction. A curse was also linked to the Mon Won twist, so something big was coming up.

The new episode started with a lot of Diary Room sessions, as Carson and Mirai reacted to being on the block first. They had both been told that they were just pawns, but pawns tend to go home in this game.

Todrick Hall had his own DR, where he said he didn’t mind Carson being on the block — even though he is aligned with him — because he sees Carson as a big threat.

Miesha then spoke about wanting Mirai to go home first and that Carson was the pawn. She said that her plan to backdoor Teddi Mellencamp had backfired when Teddi found out about it, so she was now trying to adjust to what was going on.

Shanna Moakler also spoke about calling Khloe Kardashian a “donkey” and what led to that situation earlier in their lives. At the time she did it, Khloe was engaged to Lamar Odom.

Picking players to compete for Power of Veto

At the Veto Meeting, Miesha, Mirai, and Carson had to select players to play for the Power of Veto. Miesha drew Cynthia Bailey, Carson drew Lamar, and Mirai picked Todrick Hall (her choice). This meant that Miesha, Carson, Lamar, Todrick, Cynthia, and Lamar would play in the first Veto Competition of the winter.

An important Veto Competition for BB Celeb 3

The Veto Competition had the six houseguests trying to put clocks in order based on clues about their schedule given to them by their assistants. There was some math involved, but it all came down to figuring out how the word problems worked.

Carson was shown doing it first and it appeared that he was having a pretty easy time figuring out where to place the clocks. Miesha was up second in the challenge and she seemed to have some troubles working things out. The other four competitors then took their turns.

The fastest person to complete the challenge would win the Power of Veto. Lamar timed out, so he didn’t even come close. Miesha did it in 8:58, Todrick took 16:52, Mirai posted 16:58, Cynthia had a time of 22:43, and Carson finished way ahead, with a time of just 3:54 (three minutes and 54 seconds).

Carson Kressley won the Golden Power of Veto and it meant that he would then be able to take himself off of the block.

Shanna turns on The Formation

In order to guarantee her safety with Miesha and stay off the block, Shanna went and told her about The Formation alliance and who had been working against her. Shanna then agreed to be a plant in the house to bring information back to Miesha if she promised to not put her on the block.

Miesha also met with Mirai, telling her that they needed to stick together. Miesha asked for safety next week if Mirai were to end up winning Head of Household. Mirai seemed to agree to those terms, but she was very hesitant and seemed very nervous about everything.

Todrick was then shown going to Miesha and telling her that she should put Teddi Mellencamp on the block to hurt Carson’s alliances. Miesha had been thinking about putting up Chris Kattan since he wasn’t aligned with anyone, but Todrick was very convincing.

Miesha names a replacement nominee

At the Veto Ceremony, Carson used the POV to attain safety. Miesha then had to replace him on the block and she named Teddi as the replacement nominee. This meant that the final nominees for the week would be Teddi and Mirai.

The Mon Won curse revealed by Julie Chen Moonves

Julie spoke with the houseguests in the first “live” moment of the season, where she announced that the Mon Won twist was about to be revealed. She had them turn over the logo on the hat, so it now read Nom Now. They were then instructed to start passing the hat around, with the last person to receive it becoming a new nominee for eviction.

Cynthia was safe and got to pass it first. Carson was also safe as the POV winner. Cynthia gave the hat to Shanna, Shanna gave it to Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris gave the hat to Todrick, Todrick gave it to Chris Kattan, and Chris was put on the spot. He had to decide if Lamar or Todd Bridges would be going up on the block. Kattan protected Lamar, putting Todd on the block.

Todd saved Mirai from the block, meaning the final nominees for the week were Todd Bridges and Teddi Mellencamp.

Celebrity Big Brother eviction vote

Lamar voted to evict Teddi and Chris Kattan voted for Todd before they went to a commercial break.

Todrick was up when the show returned, and he voted to evict Teddi. Cynthia voted for Todd, Chris Kirkpatrick voted for Teddi, Carson voted for Todd, Mirai voted for Teddi, and Shanna also voted for Teddi.

By a vote of 5-3, Teddi Mellencamp was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Teddi went out and had a chat with Julie to wrap up her time in the game.

No new Head of Household was crowned yet, so that should be revealed on the next episode of the show, which arrives on Sunday, February 6.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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