Big Brother Mon Won: What does it all mean for Cynthia Bailey?

Cynthia Bailey Mon Won Hat
Cynthia Bailey received the Mon Won power and curse on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother Mon Won twist emerged from that secret Gala Gift presented by host Julie Chen Moonves.

It was at the end of Episode 1 of the season where Julie presented a box that would present one of the houseguests with a power and a curse.

And then, during the second episode of CBB3, the box was opened up by Head of Household Miesha Tate, unleashing the first twist of the season on the houseguests.

The twist hasn’t been explained fully, yet, but it seems to indicate that we could see the curse surface as early as the February 4 episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

What is Big Brother Mon Won?

When Miesha opened up the Gala Gift, a designer bag fashioned as a hat was inside. The hat had to be passed from houseguest to houseguest, with the last person holding it deemed safe from nomination or eviction that week.

It was an interesting process to watch the houseguests pass it around because they were basically each choosing who would not be safe as it was exchanged. It came down to Mirai Nagasu holding it with only Teddi Mellencamp and Cynthia Bailey left to choose from. Mirai gave it to Teddi, meaning Cynthia would be safe for the week. Teddi, who had been shown getting together with Mirai in an alliance earlier in the episode, was a bit put out.

Does Big Brother Mon Won actually mean Nom Now?

The game of Big Brother likes to put hints about twists in plain sight. OTEV, a character that appears in the backyard to host a challenge each summer, is actually Veto spelled backward. It’s not something that was immediately obvious to every Big Brother fan, but it might hint at what is coming up with the Mon Won curse.

If Mon Won does mean Nom Now (as it reads backward), this could mean that Cynthia is “cursed” with nominating someone on the spot. Could that be at the first Eviction Ceremony of the winter? That would lead to having three people on the block and it could certainly create some good made-for-TV chaos.

In summation, this is not a good time to be on Cynthia’s bad side, and nobody on the Celebrity Big Brother cast wants to head into the February 4 episode in that situation. If she nominates the right person (or wrong person), that nominee could end up getting evicted instead of who HOH Miesha Tate has targeted this week.

For any Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, we have some intriguing BB Celeb spoilers from the live feeds that indicate who won the Power of Veto and who the final nominees of the week became. It sets the stage for the first eviction unless Cynthia and that Mon Won curse end up stealing the show.

As a reminder, the next new episode of Celebrity Big Brother is at 8/7c on Friday, February 4. It is two hours long, so expect a lot of drama to be revealed that was taped over the first nine days of the Winter 2022 season.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 airs on CBS during February.

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