Celebrity Big Brother: Lamar Odom admits he pooped the bed on camera

Lamar Odom Playing CBB3
Former NBA star Lamar Odom is playing on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds caught Lamar Odom admitting to pooping his bed.

When Lamar signed up to appear on the reality competition show, he may not have known precisely what he was getting himself into.

And with the houseguests having already been in the Big Brother house for 10 days this winter, they are starting to get used to the cameras.

Some Big Brother fans might even say “too used” to the cameras. This isn’t the first time Lamar has said something very noteworthy in the house.

Earlier, CBS released a clip of Lamar talking about how much he missed Khloe Kardashian and that he had been dreaming about her since entering the Big Brother house.

This latest clip could end up getting more headlines for Lamar than he did while pining about his ex-wife.

Lamar Odom overshares on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds

Early on the morning of Friday, February 4, or later on the evening of Thursday, February 3, depending on how you look at it, Lamar Odom walked to the Big Brother bathroom and told the live feeds what was going on.

“I just let the world know that I took a s**t in my bed,” Lamar can be seen (and heard) saying in the clip shared below.

The woman in the shower who overheard Lamar couldn’t believe that she had just heard it correctly.

“No, you didn’t,” Lamar’s co-star could be heard saying.

“I did. I had to clean it up in front of the world,” Lamar confirmed as he grabbed a towel and exited the bathroom.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 is really getting going

Now that the season premiere has finally aired and Big Brother fans can watch episodes of the show, people are starting to get caught up on what has been taking place with the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast.

The celebrities entered the Big Brother house more than a week before the first episode aired, so a lot of footage we are now seeing on the episodes was pre-taped. It was a strategy designed to collect enough footage to air episodes for three straight nights on premiere week.

On the night of Friday, February 4, one of the 11 houseguests will get evicted. That celebrity will be the first person sent packing, and it will allow Big Brother fans to finally catch up to what is transpiring in the house. The Eviction Ceremony is advertised as being live for CBS viewers, so it could lead to a lot of drama on the live feeds later on that night.

Will MMA fighter and HOH Miesha Tate get her target out of the game? Tune in and find out!

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 airs on CBS during February.

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Peg P
Peg P
1 year ago

Lamar is SO nasty