How did Chris Kattan break his neck? Big Brother cast member revealed all

Chris Kattan Playing CBB3
Chris Kattan is playing on the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Chris Kattan is a member of the Celebrity Big Brother cast, and a lot of CBS viewers may have already noticed that his range of mobility isn’t quite there.

There is a good reason that Chris seems to be a bit “stiff” in his appearance and it is due to a broken neck.

As Kattan tells the story, he broke his neck doing a stunt on Saturday Night Live many years ago.

Kattan is still best known for his long stint on the SNL cast, but that could change as a new generation of television viewers see him as part of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast.

The 51-year-old actor, comedian, and author is also pretty well-known for his film, A Night at the Roxbury, which co-starred Will Ferrell.

Fans of reality competition shows also saw Kattan on a 2017 season of Dancing With the Stars. When he finished one of the dances with his partner, he claimed to have broken his neck earlier in his life. He then explained how it led to a number of surgeries and that it all caused him to lose a lot of mobility.

Chris Kattan talks about breaking his neck

In the video shared below, Chris Kattan sat down with a Variety reporter to speak about where he had been, what was going on in his life, and how his relationship with Will Ferrell was going. He also went into a lengthy discussion about what happened to his neck and the surgeries he underwent.

More news coming from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds are up and running, and Lamar Odom just admitted to having an accident in his bed. The embarrassing moment has been the buzz of social media for a while now, suggesting that Lamar also seems to have grown too accustomed to the cameras.

A clip of Lamar talking about how much he missed Khloe Kardashian was also released. Khloe is his ex-wife, and he talked at length about how much he misses her and would like to have a second chance with her.

More drama is expected to come out through the Big Brother live feeds in the coming days, especially since things have finally been turned on by the producers and the celebrities will now know what it is like to go through an Eviction Ceremony.

Hopefully, none of the celebrities will end up quitting the game this winter, because that has been a problem with past seasons of Celebrity Big Brother in the United States.

In the additional video shared below, Chris Kattan speaks more about breaking his neck and the impact it has had on his career.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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