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Shanna Moakler calls Miesha Tate an ‘a**hole’ on Big Brother live feeds

Miesha Tate CBB3 HOH1
Miesha Tate was the first Head of Household on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds have been providing a lot of drama with the producers finally turning things on.

Subscribers have been trying to catch up with all of the alliances and partnerships, but it has been tough because the celebrities started playing the game roughly nine days before the feeds got turned on.

There was an unexpected moment when the accident that Lamar Odom had in his bed took place. But he certainly wasn’t shy about discussing it on all of the live cameras.

Then, Teddi Mellencamp threw Todd Bridges under the bus in her exit interview, where she also accused Todrick Hall of being a “dirty” Big Brother player. This indicated that fans were indeed missing some things with the feeds being down.

And now, Shanna Moakler has gone off on Miesha Tate, holding back nothing as she spoke to the new Head of Household about it.

Some Celebrity Big Brother live feed spoilers

Before jumping into what just took place on the live feeds, it’s important to cover some of the Celebrity Big Brother live feed spoilers that have taken place. You can skip over this section if you just want to get to the conversation Shanna just had.

As for the spoilers, Chris Kirkpatrick won the Head of Household Competition. He then nominated Chris Kattan and Mirai Nagasu for eviction. Kirkpatrick revealed that his target for eviction is Mirai, but she still has a chance to save herself at the upcoming Veto Competition.

Shanna calls Miesha an ‘a**hole’ in HOH Room

The conversation below took place at right about 10 a.m. PT on Camera 4 of the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds.

Shanna Moakler went up to the HOH Room to chat with Chris Kirkpatrick about what was going on downstairs. In summation, Cynthia Bailey is very upset with Miesha and she doesn’t care who knows about it.

“No one likes her,” Shanna said about Miesha. “She’s not nice. She’s very disrespectful to the women in this house, except for Mirai, who’s like her minion, who threw her under the bus to me.”

“Like, you know, it’s like, she made burgers for all you guys yesterday,” she continued before Chris cut her off to explain how it was like chess.

“Well, real quickly, before you get into that, check this out,” Shanna interrupted. “So, Cynthia’s like pissed, and she’s like ‘Shanna I’m pissed.’ And she’s like, ‘I’m coming for her. I don’t give a f**k.’ And I’m like, ‘well whisper it.’ And she’s like, ‘I don’t care if she can hear me.'”

Shanna went on to explain to Chris that while this conversation was taking place with Cynthia, Miesha was “like literally sitting in Mirai’s bed listening to her.”

At the heart of the conversation was Chris wanting Shanna to be able to work with Miesha on an alliance, no matter how she personally feels about the MMA fighter. Chris was of the opinion that he gets along well with Miesha and that he can be the one to talk with her. But Shanna wasn’t done.

“She’s an a**hole,” Shanna blurted out as Chris was speaking. “I cannot stand her, Chris. I can’t stand her. I’ll work with her, I’ll do whatever you need me to do, cause the only person I trust in this game is you, but she is not nice.”

It’s very clear that there could be a lot of drama coming up, especially if Miesha finds out what Shanna is saying about her. Chris wants to work with both of them, so can he keep them from blowing up on the live feeds?

More episodes of Celebrity Big Brother coming up

There are still some very important episodes left for the show and here is the full Celebrity Big Brother 2022 schedule. It includes quite a few eviction nights and another one is coming up very quickly for the celebrities.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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