Did Chris Kattan quit Celebrity Big Brother?

Chris Kattan Nom Now
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 featured Chris Kattan as a cast member. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother cast member Chris Kattan has quit the show.

It has been confirmed that the comedian decided to quit Celebrity Big Brother 2022, shortly after he tried to convince the rest of the cast to evict him.

On the Monday night episode, Kattan told America that he was ready to go, urging the other houseguests to keep Mirai Nagasu in the house. They declined, deciding to vote out Mirai unanimously.

It has been clear to anyone watching the Big Brother live feeds that Kattan is struggling after breaking his neck and that he just wasn’t enjoying himself in the game.

Since everyone gets paid to play Celebrity Big Brother, it will be interesting to learn whether or not Kattan gets a paycheck after leaving the show early.

Chris Kattan quits Celebrity Big Brother

Following the Veto Competition that took place on Wednesday, the feeds turned back on to reveal that Kattan didn’t appear to be in the Big Brother house any longer.

The bed that he had been sleeping in looked completely different as well, raising a lot of suspicions among fans that he had finally decided to self-evict. There was also a lot of chatter among the houseguests that heavily hinted they were down a person.

Confirmation that Chris Kattan is not in the Big Brother house

The Big Brother live feeds went down again after the speculation began, and there was talk about how the week would progress with someone no longer in the game. That’s a good question because normally when someone quits, there doesn’t need to be an Eviction Ceremony.

Then, some specific comments were made by the remaining houseguests that confirmed Chris Kattan was no longer on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. They do have some questions about how the rest of the week will progress, but it’s possible that we could still see Miesha Tate work toward evicting one of her targets.

It’s very dramatic that the Celebrity Big Brother cast appears to be down another member, and this is going to lead to a lot of maneuvering with the editing and presentation of upcoming episodes. Everything was set up based on 11 houseguests playing the full game, so someone quitting is going to throw a wrench into things.

It would be very sad if it turns out that Chris Kattan had to self-evict due to medical reasons, especially since it looked like he was in better spirits earlier in the day. We will make sure to pass on what he has to say about everything once the dust starts to settle.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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