Lamar Odom makes shocking revelation on Celebrity Big Brother live feeds

Lamar Odom CBB3 Feeds
Lamar Odom has said some incredible things on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast member Lamar Odom has made some really noteworthy comments on the live feeds this season, but a statement he made late on Thursday might just take the cake.

Earlier this season, Lamar was shocked to learn that a jury votes on the winner. He talked about it being unreal that “losers” would be deciding who wins the $250,000 prize.

And to top off that gem, Lamar also talked about having an accident in his bed. It seems like he got so comfortable with the cameras in the Big Brother house that he had no problem telling other houseguests (and America) about what had just happened.

Now, the most shocking admission that Lamar has made all winter has surfaced, and live feed subscribers got to see it happen in real-time. Hopefully, this moment makes it into one of the upcoming episodes.

Lamar Odom didn’t know Diary Room sessions are shown on episodes

Late Thursday evening in the Big Brother house, Lamar Odom stated on the live feeds that he didn’t know the segments recorded in the Diary Room are shown to the audience. He thought that the DR sessions were just like a real diary and that everything he said there would remain private.

As most Big Brother fans already know, the Diary Room is where the houseguests talk about what has been going on in the game, often leading to the most honest things that any of the people playing the game have to say. It has long been known that some of the DR segments are coached, but they also lead to some real reactions from the houseguests.

Since this isn’t even Lamar’s first or second reality TV show, it’s very surprising that he didn’t understand what was taking place in the Diary Room. On nearly every reality TV show out there, one-on-one interview segments are presented so that the audience can get to know the person on TV a bit better. Lamar should know that based on his own experiences.

More news and notes from Celebrity Big Brother 2022

A segment about Lamar Odom’s personal discoveries would make for a good episode of Celebrity Big Brother, but the next installment of the show has a lot of ground to cover based on what has been going down over the past week.

Of note is that Chris Kattan has left the Big Brother house and his quest for the $250,000 prize has come to an end. An explanation for why he quit the show is still forthcoming, but Kattan is already back on social media.

We also have some intriguing Celebrity Big Brother spoilers about the Veto Meeting, where the Power of Veto winner was put on the spot about using that power. It is going to lead to some great television and possibly a really intriguing Eviction Ceremony during the next new episode of the show.

Regarding upcoming episodes, here is the full Celebrity Big Brother 2022 schedule for the rest of February.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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