Shanna Moakler says Todrick Hall ‘constantly plays the victim’ in Celebrity Big Brother exit interview

Shanna On CBB3 Block
Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast member Shanna Moakler is now a member of the jury. Pic credit: CBS

Shanna Moakler did her exit interviews for Celebrity Big Brother 2022, answering a lot of questions about her time in the game.

And even though she is out of the Big Brother house, Todrick Hall is still trashing her to other houseguests, but Lamar Odom is one celebrity who has suggested that he knock it off.

It’s interesting to look back and see how Teddi Mellencamp called Todrick a “dirty” player after Week 1, especially since she clocked his behavior very early in the game.

But this report is about Shanna Moakler, who has gained a lot of new fans due to her gameplay in the Big Brother house, and she definitely had a lot to say about Todrick when she heard that he can’t stop talking about her.

Shanna Moakler exposes Todrick Hall

“Todrick, to me, is just someone that constantly plays the victim. He’s said the most horrific and horrible things about every human being in that house,” Shanna told Mike Bloom in an interview after her eviction.

“And he’s someone that is also riding the coattails of another powerful player, Miesha. I just really don’t have any respect for his game or him personally,” Shanna continued.

She also talked about her parting shot when Bloom asked her why she mentioned Todrick while speaking about the jury on her way out the door.

“He started clapping and dancing while I was walking out the door. So that’s why I was like, ‘Oh, okay! Well, I’ll make sure all the jury doesn’t vote for you.’ I mean, it’s okay that you won. You got your way. You lied and schemed; good for you,” Shanna responded.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game. But at the same time, he didn’t have to be like that. And that’s who Todrick is. That’s why I took my shot when I could. At least I got to get my one shot in when I did, and I’m proud of that,” Shanna elaborated about the type of person that she views Todrick as now.

Shanna Moakler enjoyed her Celebrity Big Brother experience

Despite being frustrated with how Todrick treated her and acted toward other houseguests; Shanna did leave the game with an overall positive attitude about her experience.

“The experience was amazing! Being a super fan and being in the Big Brother house and playing all the games was just an incredible experience. I never thought I’d get the opportunity. It was very, very cool,” Shanna answered when she was asked about how she looks back on the show. 

Big Brother fans will get to see Shanna again on the season finale, as she is one of the jurors who will help name the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 winner. It looks like she would vote for anyone other than Todrick Hall to win the $250,000 and that there could be an interesting conclusion to the season.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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