Todd Bridges, Lamar Odom wrote to fans about Todrick Hall’s insults after Celebrity Big Brother 3 eviction

Todd And Lamar CBB3
Lamar Odom and Todd Bridges were part of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Todd Bridges has already returned to social media following his eviction from Celebrity Big Brother 3, and he knows all about the insults that Todrick Hall was making inside the Big Brother house.

During Monday night’s episode of the show, Todd was evicted by Todrick to conclude a Double Eviction. It meant that Todrick, Miesha Tate, and Cynthia Bailey became the final three houseguests of the season.

After getting voted off Big Brother, Todd got his phone back, and that allowed him to start posting on social media again. He had some very poignant things to say about his experiences.

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Earlier in the night, Lamar Odom was also evicted, and there are new posts on his social media accounts as well, but those ones might be from the person who has been running his page in February. A specific one on Instagram, though, appears to have come directly from him.

Lamar’s accounts are also asking people to vote for him to be America’s Favorite Houseguest, and the AFH voting is still open for Big Brother fans.

Todd Bridges returns to Twitter, writes to fans

“Well they got me off lol. I had a great time.???,” Todd Bridges posted on Twitter late Monday night when he got his Android phone back from the show’s producers.

It led to an immediate response from many of his fans, including the one below, where a woman wrote about her family of Big Brother fans that were rooting for him to succeed on the show.

Later, after responding to a few posts that he saw from Big Brother fans, Todd shared the excitement about getting his phone back.

“I am so happy for my Cell phone and real life amen to that. ???,” Todd wrote.

Todd Bridges Twitter
Todd Bridges posted on Twitter after CBB3 exit. Pic credit: @ToddBridges/Twitter

Todd sees what Todrick and Miesha said about him

The most important posts from Todd came out as he started to learn what Todrick and Miesha had been saying behind his back on Celebrity Big Brother. He doesn’t seem too pleased about it all, but he really took the high road in his responses.

“Wow I just saw what they said about me wow wow. I’m not going to lower myself to say anything nasty about them.???,” Todd wrote in one post.

Todd Bridges Twitter 2
Todd wrote about Todrick and Miesha on social media. Pic credit: @ToddBridges/Twitter

Todd says he is not voting for Todrick on Celebrity Big Brother finale

“@ToddBridges i loved you on the show todd!! you were the one i was rooting for tonight! i understand your reasoning when you said you’d vite for todrick, but i encourage you to look at everything he done and said about all of you, [sic]” a fan wrote to Todd on Twitter.

“Not after I saw what he said no way wow so sad,” Todd emphatically replied, which seems to guarantee that Todd will vote for anyone else who might end up sitting next to Todrick on finale night.

Todd Bridges Fan Response
A fan approaches Todd Bridges on social media. Pic credit: @wearinggrey2001/Twitter

Does Lamar Odom also return to social media?

“So I was booted off of @bigbrothercbs by my fake friend Todrick ? He should have been a bit more strategic as he must have forgotten I get a jury vote for the winner!” Lamar Odom seems to have posted on Instagram.

It’s not entirely clear if this was Lamar Odom himself, or the person he has had running his social media accounts while he played Celebrity Big Brother. But it sounds like him, and it has led to a lot of responses by his friends, including fellow Los Angeles Lakers star, Metta World Peace.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 season finale airs Wednesday, February 23, at 8/7c on CBS.

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susan Chubey
susan Chubey
1 year ago

I think you and Lamar were both disrespected. I think Todrick is a real P***K I will never follow him again. My Heart goes out to you because you and the rest of the house guests played with class. God Bless You.