Todrick Hall finally speaks about what happened on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Todrick Hall on CBB Feeds
The Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast featured reality TV star, Todrick Hall. Pic credit: CBS

Todrick Hall may finally be ready to talk about the way that he played Celebrity Big Brother this past winter.

Recently, Todrick said that he disappeared after the season finale in order to “protect” his “mental health” and he thanked his fans for sticking by him.

When he skipped out on the exit interviews that come along with playing Big Brother, it raised a lot of questions about whether or not he would take personal responsibility for the personal attacks he made against other houseguests.

Now, Big Brother fans may finally get some answers to those questions, as Todrick was interviewed for a segment that will premiere on the night of Thursday, March 24.

As a reminder, Miesha Tate beat out Todrick Hall for the cash prize on finale night when the Celebrity Big Brother jury voted 7-1 to make her the winner.

Todrick Hall to appear on Entertainment Tonight

“Tomorrow on ET, our exclusive with Todrick Hall, addressing his Celebrity Big Brother backlash,” said one of the hosts as snippets of Todrick playing Big Brother were shown in the background.

This was just a quick teaser that was presented during the March 23 episode of Entertainment Tonight in order to get viewers interested in tuning in to see what Todrick has to say.

“I know I said a lot of things that offended people,” Todrick is shown saying in a really quick soundbite.

This full interview for Todrick Hall will appear during the March 24 episode of Entertainment Tonight. It airs at different times in different markets, so check your local listings for what time the show will air this Thursday night.

Below is a video of other members of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast talking about their experiences playing the game with Todrick.

More Big Brother news

The wife of Caleb Reynolds from BB16 just gave birth, and the couple has been sharing some great photos online. Caleb played Big Brother in the same season as Frankie Grande, Cody Calafiore, and Derrick Levasseur.

And speaking of baby news, Jessica Graf from Big Brother 19 is pregnant. Jessica is now married to Cody Nickson, and they expect their baby to arrive this summer.

Jessica and Cody have had two other kids together already, and a few other Big Brother alums helped them celebrate a birthday for one of those kiddos recently.

In some other news from Celebrity Big Brother 3, former houseguest Todd Bridges has been posting updates of his weight-loss journey. He is looking good after getting out of the Big Brother house.

Soon enough, we will start learning about the upcoming BB24 cast and just what the next new group of houseguests is going to look like. CBS is bringing back the reality competition show for Summer 2022, and the $750,000 prize is going to be on the line again. No rumors about a theme have been released yet, but it sounded like it will be all new people.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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