Jessica Nickson from Big Brother 19 is pregnant

Jessica Nickson From BB19
Big Brother fans got to meet Jessica Graf (now Jessica Nickson) as a member of the BB19 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Jessica Nickson, formerly known as Jessica Graf from Big Brother 19, is having another baby with Cody Nickson.

The Big Brother couple just made the big announcement that they have another baby on the way and they are already receiving well-wishes from other former houseguests.

Since spending time on the BB19 cast and after winning a season of The Amazing Race, Jessica and Cody have become the parents to Maverick Nickson and Carter York Nickson.

Now, their family is about to increase to five members, with the big news coming out that their baby will make an appearance in August 2022.

Jessica Nickson announces that she is pregnant again

“Nickson Addition 08.2022 @babynickson. A lot of you have already guessed it and it’s nice to not have to hide it anymore ? We prayed for you & now we can’t wait to meet you. #nicksonaddition #babynickson #bumpannouncement #15weeks,” reads the caption of a post that Jessica just put up on Instagram.

Along with the post is a video that shows off the couple, their kids, and ultrasound photos of the new bundle of joy that is on the way. As she mentioned with one of the hashtags, it appears that Jessica is 15 weeks along in her pregnancy.

More news from the world of Big Brother

The recent season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition has come to an end, but fans may not get to see the show return for Winter 2023. In fact, Julie Chen Moonves thinks Celebrity Big Brother won’t be back for quite some time.

Following the latest season, runner-up Todrick Hall canceled his post-show interviews and has basically vanished from the public eye. Taking a different route, CBB3 winner Miesha Tate apologized for some of her behavior inside of the Big Brother house.

There is some good news in the mix, as Big Brother 24 will debut this summer. The production team is putting together a new cast and they should enter the house at the end of June or in the beginning of July 2022. That gives fans something to look forward to this summer.

For anyone who wants to catch up on past seasons of the show, including Big Brother 19 or Celebrity Big Brother 3, they are all currently streaming on Paramount+. The list of available seasons includes Big Brother: All-Stars 2 from Summer 2020.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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