Miesha Tate apologizes to Shanna Moakler after Celebrity Big Brother win

Miesha Tate Wins CBB3
The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 winner is MMA fighter, Miesha Tate. Pic credit: CBS

Miesha Tate said that she was “surprised” by the response from the Celebrity Big Brother jury and feels that she needs to personally speak with Shanna Moakler.

In a new interview that was just released, Celebrity Big Brother 3 winner Miesha Tate spoke about a lot of different topics and gave her point-of-view of what it was like to be inside the Big Brother house.

And Miesha had some very interesting things to say about how she now feels that she needs to sit down to watch the episodes and the footage to see what it was like for “the other side of the coin” here.

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This is the opposite approach of the other person in the final two, as Todrick Hall canceled all post-show interviews and has basically gone into hiding after losing a very one-sided vote on finale night.

Miesha Tate speaks about Shanna Moakler and Celebrity Big Brother 3

“I’m a mother. I want my daughter to grow up to respect people of all different walks of life. I’m always telling her, even at three years old, ‘Don’t judge anybody.’ And I made a mistake. And I would like to say that I’m sincerely sorry to Shanna, particularly, for that,” Miesha told Stephanie Downs from PopCulture about what took place this winter.

“I would like to take responsibility for that right off the bat. You know what, I was in a pressure cooker type of situation, and it wasn’t how I feel like I’d normally be, but I need to take responsibility for what I said and how I carried myself,” Miesha said when the topic of negative comments in the CBB3 house came up.

“She’s beautiful. I’ve always said that from the very beginning. She’s a beautiful woman. I don’t think I should have said anything about that or picked on her at all in any way for how she wanted to carry herself in the house. And I think that was more of me just looking at this as a competition and I was like… I can’t even justify it. I was just mad,” Miesha elaborated on the whole situation.

Miesha plans to have a conversation with Shanna and hopes to use that opportunity to extend another apology in person.

Miesha also spoke about Todrick reacting when they saw Todd Bridges roll his eyes, that it was awkward on stage after she won, and that she had a hard time figuring out where all the negativity was coming from at first.

The full interview is shared below.

Celebrity Big Brother Winner Miesha Tate Apologizes to Shanna Moakler, Talks House Drama

More breaking news about the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast

A scary situation took place at Shanna Moakler’s house early Thursday morning, as her former boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau got arrested for domestic violence. Shanna reportedly suffered minor injuries during the incident but is now with family and friends who are taking care of her.

The incident followed a really ugly Instagram Live session that Rondeau posted on Moakler’s account, which itself led to a lot of people reaching out to help her on social media. It appeared that he had taken her phone, logged into her account, and went on Instagram Live to speak directly to all of her fans and followers.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is streaming on Paramount+.

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1 year ago

She was a horrible interviewer. It didn’t sound like she was prepared…it was hard to follow.

1 year ago

she was awesome start to finish and earned that cash. the rest were dumb racist hollyweird deviant dimwits.