Matthew Rondeau calls Shanna Moakler ‘a**hole of a human being’ in Instagram Live tirade on her phone

Matthew Rondeau On IG Live
Matthew Rondeau went on IG Live using the account of Shanna Moakler. Pic credit: @ShannaMoakler/Instagram

Shanna Moakler’s Instagram account went live on Thursday morning, but her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau was on the other end.

The night after Celebrity Big Brother 3 came to an end, and Rondeau claimed that he was using her account and phone to let the world know the truth about her.

The couple has been having problems recently, but what he had to say on the video, which included calling Shanna “an a**hole of a human being,” might be pretty hard to come back from.

And social media is certainly buzzing as there were several former Big Brother houseguests, including Paul Abrahamian from BB18 and BB19 and Kaitlyn Herman from BB20, who saw it go down.

Matthew Rondeau attacks Shanna Moakler on Instagram Live

“Good morning. Come on, hurry up,” Rondeau started out the IG session as people logged on to watch.

“It’s over,” Rondeau went on to say. “Record me now because it is done.”

“I’m never talking to this f**king specimen of a f**king human again. The truth is is I found out that she was talking to other f**king people the whole entire time in our relationship. That’s the truth. That’s the whole f**king truth.”

He goes on from there, dragging Shanna through the mud and emploring people to believe that he is not drunk as he continues to cuss her out. He then goes to a neighbor’s house, pointing at the door, and says that Shanna left him last night to go sleep there.

More background on the Matthew Rondeau and Shanna Moakler relationship

Earlier this week, Shanna Moakler was seen making out with Matthew Rondeau, and it seemed that they were strong as a couple again. That was a big shift from how things had looked on social media while she was still playing the game.

When she was in the Big Brother house, Shanna’s boyfriend had expressed jealousy for the time she was spending talking to Lamar Odom. It seemed out of left field, but it followed a statement from Teddi Mellencamp that Rondeau had slid into her DMS earlier in February.

Then, after she was evicted, Shanna unfollowed her boyfriend on social media, and it looked like the relationship might have come to an end.

But that wasn’t the end of it, as Shanna then said that she was working things out with Rondeau.

This video from Rondeau might suggest otherwise, and it raises many red flags about what is going on in that relationship.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is available to stream on Paramount+.

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2 years ago

28 years old and doing crap like this! Grow a set, YOUNG man! She dodged a bullet with you gone!