Julie Chen Moonves: Celebrity Big Brother 4 unlikely to happen next year

JCM With Todd Bridges
Celebrity Big Brother 2023 may not happen. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 4 appears to not be in the plans at CBS for next winter.

On the eve of the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 finale, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke with Us Weekly and Sharon Tharp about the future of the show.

Julie was one of the people who pushed hard over the past few years for CBS to bring back the celebrity version of the show. The perfect opportunity came around when the network looked for programming to schedule against the 2022 Winter Olympics over on NBC.

While the new group of houseguests has certainly created a lot of memorable headlines, the television ratings haven’t been very impressive. It means that the reality competition show would have a hard time competing against a regular primetime schedule.

Julie Chen Moonves talks about Celebrity Big Brother 4

“I don’t think next year it’ll happen, but you never know. Expect the unexpected. We’ll see,” Julie said to Sharon Sharp in a fun interview about the show.

Julie went on to speak about how doing a celebrity version of the show every few years is a good methodology for the network, but that having a four-year gap between seasons was also too long.

As always, Sharon had a great interview with Julie, which included a lot of her personal thoughts about the current season. Julie even admitted to Sharon that she is now rooting for Miesha Tate to become the Celebrity Big Brother 3 winner.

More Big Brother news and notes

Former houseguest Chris Kattan returned to social media and shared some thoughts after he finally watched the Celebrity Big Brother episodes. He isn’t the first person who has learned what was really going on inside the Big Brother house.

After getting evicted last week, Carson Kressley took the time to apologize to Shanna Moakler for his role in getting her sent home. He admitted to being duped by Todrick and Miesha, while also being very humble about the whole experience.

And this week, Lamar Odom called Todrick “immature” and that he “played the victim” as he learned what the former American Idol contestant was saying about other houseguests. It wasn’t completely new to him, though, as Lamar had shut down some negative comments Todrick made about Shanna earlier in the season.

All of these CBB3 jury members will be returning for the season finale, which takes place on the evening of Wednesday, February 23. Then, the countdown begins until the Big Brother 24 season premiere arrives in Summer 2022.

As for Celebrity Big Brother 4, we may have to wait until 2024 (at the earliest), to see another incarnation of the show.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS in Summer 2024.

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