Carson Kressley apologizes to Shanna Moakler after Celebrity Big Brother 3 eviction

Carson And Lamar CBB3
It was Lamar Odom and Carson Kressley on the block during the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Pic credit: CBS

Carson Kressley got evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 3 on Friday night, and on Saturday morning he started apologizing to Shanna Moakler for mistakes he made in the game.

As Big Brother fans already know, Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate put together a scheme to get Carson and Cynthia Bailey to turn on their ally, Shanna. It worked, and the duped Carson succeeded in his quest to get Shanna out of the house.

During Carson’s exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, he spoke about coming to the realization earlier in the day that he had made a big mistake by targeting Shanna instead of Miesha Tate.

Now, Carson has started sitting down for his post-show interviews, where he has expounded upon his experiences with Celebrity Big Brother 3 and started issuing some apologies for his gameplay.

Carson apologizes to Shanna for Big Brother mistake

“The biggest thing that I regret about this whole show is how it went down with Shanna. I would apologize to her 1,000 times because I was responsible for that. I should not have listened to them. But I did, and that’s what happened,” Carson said to Mike Bloom during an extensive interview following his eviction night.

“I shouldn’t have believed them. We were very, very duped. They did a fantastic job at it. And I guess that’s excellent gameplay. But I had a long-standing relationship with Todrick outside the house, and I just thought, ‘This guy’s not gonna lie to me that badly and get rid of somebody who was really innocent,'” Carson also stated when talking about the scheme that Todrick and Miesha pulled off.

Will Carson Kressley remain good friends with Todrick Hall?

When speaking about his time in the Big Brother house with Todrick, Carson was clearly disappointed with how things went down.

“I’m disappointed. I could say I was shocked. But we’re on a game show with a bunch of other celebrities who are trying to win $250,000. I get it. People want to win, and they’ll do everything. I was naive about the show,” Carson answered when he was asked to talk more about his relationship with Todrick in relation to the game.

“I hadn’t seen that much Big Brother. When I have a relationship with someone I’ve known for years and worked on the same show for years. I’m gullible, I guess. I just think, ‘Well, this is the one person that I probably can trust the most,'” Carson later elaborated.

It will certainly be interesting to hear what Carson shares when he gets to sit down and watch the show and see what came from Todrick on the Big Brother live feeds.

Carson has a lot to catch up on, including Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina getting upset about the “blonde white girl” comment that Todrick made. And then there was the post from a Big Brother winner calling Todrick a “bad person” for his actions in the house.

During her own exit interviews, Shanna Moakler opined that Todrick “constantly plays the victim” even while dishing out personal attacks against other people in the house.

Recently, Todd Bridges complained to Cynthia about all the “cut downs” from Todrick and how he felt he had to measure his responses to the attacks.

More Celebrity Big Brother 3 left to go

For Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, a new HOH took power, and here are those spoilers. That celebrity is the first person to have a guaranteed spot in the final four this winter and they are tasked with nominating two people for eviction this weekend.

What takes place over the next few days will help the cast get down to the final two people who will sit in front of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 jury on finale night. That conclusion to the season comes on Wednesday, February 23.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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2 years ago

I turned off Big Brother several seasons ago, after being a long-time fan of the show, when racial injustice was front and center and it was “okay” for the show to continue, even though remarks were blatantly spoke aloud. So, Janelle was upset with Toddrick’s remark? I’m very surprised someone said anything about it, I’m glad she did.
The ONLY reason I tuned in this year, was because Carson was part of the cast, and I adored him. I turned it off for good tonight, bawling my eyes out. Shana was sitting there all alone, wronged, bullied, and just thrown away. They couldn’t care less. How could Carson treat someone like that? He says he is sorry; he was duped. Not good enough. Give her the money she lost out in winning, part of it? No, don’t think you will. Carson knew, with certainty what kind of character the top two dogs of the house had displayed to that point. He knew the character of his friend. Yet, first chance he was given to believe something bad about his friend, straight from the mouth of those trying to survive the game, as it was their very first time not on top, he believed it. How could you do that? I would have put every dime in the world betting that Carson would never treat someone so badly, no matter what side he believed her to be on, the way she was treated was shameful. I can’t wait to hear what he says after he watches the season back for himself.

2 years ago

I agree this season was the worst ever shame on todrick.not happy with Cynthia nor carson.