Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: HOH revealed after Carson evicted

JCM CBB3 Eviction Night
Julie Chen Moonves has hosted the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

New Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have come out late Friday night, revealing what happened after Carson Kressley got evicted.

Carson was doomed from the moment he pushed to get Shanna Moakler out of the Big Brother house, but he didn’t fully recognize that mistake until he was sitting with Julie Chen Moonves for his exit interview.

Despite finishing in sixth place, Carson still gets paid a lot for his CBB3 appearance, even if he is out of the running for the $250,000 grand prize.

And no, the celebrities aren’t playing for charity on Big Brother. They each get paid to be there and they each have the chance to win some pretty big cash prizes.

Julie also let Big Brother fans know that it is time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest. One of the celebrities will be chosen by America to take home an additional $25,000.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Who won the HOH Competition on Friday night?

Todd Bridges was the outgoing Head of Household and he had to watch Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate, Lamar Odom, and Cynthia Bailey play for the power late Friday night. Winning this HOH Competition would guarantee someone a spot in the final four.

The feeds remained off for a long time after the Friday night episode had aired, and when the cameras were turned back on, Todrick Hall was wearing the HOH key around his neck.

Todrick is the new Head of Household and he gets to set the stage for how the weekend will play out. Since there are only five people left, it also means that everyone gets to play for the Power of Veto.

We should learn what Todrick plans to do with his power over the next 24 hours, including his nomination thoughts that will likely be made in conjunction with partner Miesha Tate.

A Summer 2022 Big Brother season is on the horizon

Even though we are close to the end of Celebrity Big Brother 3, a new season of the reality competition show is coming to CBS this summer.

For Big Brother fans who want a chance to play the game, Big Brother 24 applications are still open for submission. The producers and casting director are asking for more people to fill them out, and it looks like there will be an entirely new group of houseguests for Summer 2022.

But first we still have some more episodes of Celebrity Big Brother 3 left to air on the CBS schedule. That includes an upcoming Double Eviction to get the group down to three people for the season finale episode.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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2 years ago

Stopped watching. Too much mean- spirited b.s. from Todrick. He’s an ignorant bully!! CBS should have done their homework on that guy.

2 years ago

Wanted Carson to win…great guy!!! Hope Meisha gets the boot…nasty, mean. Now hope Cynthia wins!!!!