Why is Celebrity Big Brother not on tonight and what time is next episode?

Todrick And Lamar CBB3 Punishment
Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall are still playing on the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is not on tonight as the show has the day off at CBS.

Even though it may seem like Celebrity Big Brother is on every night this month to some TV viewers, the show has typically taken Tuesdays and Thursdays off this winter.

The good news is that we are coming up on four-straight days of new episodes, all working toward the season finale that arrives next week.

Last night on Celebrity Big Brother, the new Head of Household was revealed. We also learned who they nominated for eviction, and the episode showed how the final six alliances are working. Here is a link to the spoilers about what happened last night on CBB3.

Moving forward, there are still five episodes left on the TV schedule for the celebrities. Since they need to get from the final six down to just two people, there is a lot of action left to take place on the show.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 episode schedule for CBS

Below is a brief look at every episode remaining on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 schedule this month. Several two-hour episodes and a special Saturday night installment are in store for the celebrities and Big Brother fans at home.

  • Episode 11: February 18: Friday at 8/7c (Two-hour eviction night)
  • Episode 12: February 19: Saturday at 8/7c
  • Episode 13: February 20: Sunday at 8/7c
  • Episode 14: February 21: Monday at 9/8c (Two-hour eviction night)
  • Episode 15: February 23: Wednesday at 8/7c (The CBB3 finale)

More news and notes from Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feeds

The Veto Competition for the week was already played, and it is featured on Friday’s episode. Here are the Power of Veto spoilers and how they will impact who makes it to the final five.

After exiting the house, Shanna Moakler gave an interview where she said that Todrick Hall is always playing the victim in the house, despite his continuous stream of personal attacks against other players.

Meanwhile, Todrick thinks that Shanna should apologize to him. Even after Shanna got sent home, he is still talking about her on the feeds. Former houseguest Janelle Pierzina was particularly upset by a “blonde white girl” comment Todrick made to Lamar Odom.

All of this drama could lead to some exciting moments on the season finale when the Celebrity Big Brother 3 jury gets to decide on the winner. Shanna is one of those voting members, along with everyone else who gets evicted along the way.

As a reminder, the winning celebrity gets $250,000, and the runner-up gets a nice $50,000 check. There will also be a $25,000 award for America’s Favorite Player, with the voting for that to take place next week. Early rumors suggest that many Big Brother fans are ready to vote for Shanna Moakler, but there is always time for a new star to emerge from this group of celebrities.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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