What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night?

Todrick Hall Playing CBB3 HOH
The celebrities played in another HOH Competition on the new Celebrity Big Brother episode. Pic credit: CBS

A lot happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night, as a new Wednesday evening episode of the show aired on CBS.

It began with a recap of Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall turning the house and getting Shanna Moakler evicted unanimously. They were shown celebrating and Lamar Odom let everyone know that he almost voted for Miesha to go home – Miesha was not pleased.

Outside of the house, Shanna did a Big Brother exit interview where she said that Todrick is “constantly” playing the “victim” this season. She might have a lot more to say when she returns to vote on the winner at the season finale.

Some former houseguests are also upset with Todrick, as one Big Brother winner called him a “bad person” online, and then Janelle Pierzina got upset that Todrick was still trashing Shanna with personal attacks after she had already been evicted.

But back to the game, as there were some very important moments that took place in the latest installment.

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night?

On the Wednesday, February 16 episode of the show, Carson Kressley hosted a new Head of Household Competition where he served mixed drinks. The celebrities were provided with a list of ingredients with one missing, and the challenge was to correctly guess that final ingredient.

Todd Bridges made easy work of the challenge, comfortably winning the HOH title by a large margin. It gave Todd the power for the first time this winter, and he was celebrating loudly after each correct answer. He relished finally being in the winner’s seat.

Due to how badly they performed in the challenge, Todrick Hall and Lamar Odom received a punishment. The duo had to remain tethered together for 24 straight hours. This is always one of the tougher punishments because the houseguests have to remain connected while they are eating, sleeping, using the restroom, and doing anything else in the game.

It led to some funny moments during the first few hours, and we should see more coverage of that during the next episode.

Who did Todd Bridges nominate for eviction?

Todd knew right away that his target for eviction was going to be Carson and he went to tell him that. He also warned Carson that if he comes off the block, he is going to place Cynthia Bailey in his spot. Due to that choice, he also let Lamar Odom know ahead of time that he was going to be a pawn.

Cynthia and Carson then had a chat, where Cynthia noted that all she had to do was win the Power of Veto and save Carson. Doing that would make them both safe for the week and Todd would have to use Miesha or Todrick as a replacement nominee.

This all led to a very anticlimactic Nomination Ceremony, as everyone in the house and the audience at home already knew that Todd was about to turn the keys of Carson and Lamar. On the next episode, everyone left in the game will be playing in the Veto Competition since there are only six people left in the house.

For Big Brother fans who want to jump ahead, here are the Power of Veto spoilers that reveal who won the Veto Competition. Those Veto results will be a big part of the Friday, February 18 episode of the show. It’s another two-hour installment where a very important Eviction Ceremony will take place.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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