Who just won the Power of Veto on Celebrity Big Brother? New spoilers from live feeds

BB Celeb host Julie Chen Moonves will be announcing the Winter 2022 winner pretty soon. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests played a very important Veto Competition today and the results have been revealed on the live feeds.

These Big Brother spoilers definitely set the stage for how the rest of the week is going to go in the house.

Earlier in the day, Shanna Moakler responded to Todrick Hall’s personal attacks during her post-show interviews, and she may have even more comments after Cynthia Bailey asked for prayers from Big Brother fans because she only had Carson Kressley left to support her in the house.

Outside of the house, former player Janelle Pierzina got upset about Todrick’s “white blonde girls” comment as he continued talking down about Shanna to Lamar Odom. To Lamar’s credit, he wasn’t having any of it. Big Brother fans are also largely displeased as well.

Who won the Veto Competition on Celebrity Big Brother 2022 this week?

As a quick recap, Todd Bridges won the final six Head of Household Competition, giving him the power for the first time this winter. He then had to nominate two people for eviction and he went with Carson Kressley and Lamar Odom.

Todd let Carson know ahead of time that he was going on the block and Lamar was told that he was just a pawn this week. The target for eviction was Carson, as Todd wanted to make sure a final four deal with Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate stayed in place.

On Wednesday, Miesha Tate won the Veto Competition. This means that she now controls the Power of Veto and that she will host a Veto Meeting to determine who is on the block for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony. Miesha could keep the nominations the same, or she could save Lamar in order to get in his good graces. That could lead to Cynthia going on the block next to Carson. Either way, Carson is doomed.

Moving toward the final five on Celebrity Big Brother 2022

There aren’t a lot of episodes left to air for the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast. Here is that BB Celeb episode list, with a few key dates, noted that are of particular interest. The CBB3 season finale arrives on Wednesday, February 23, so we are also very close to learning the winner.

Todd Bridges, Lamar Odom, Cynthia Bailey, Miesha Tate, and Todrick Hall look to be the final five houseguests of the season, and one of them is going to be selected by the BB Celeb jury to win the $250,000 prize. There is also a prize for second place and for America’s Favorite Player.

The celebrities who were sent home early will also get to share more thoughts about the season during finale night, and that includes Teddi Mellencamp, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Mirai Nagasu. They were each evicted for different reasons and could have a lot of opinions to share about what took place this winter.

Meanwhile, Todrick and Miesha are hoping that the jury members and Big Brother fans at home forget about how they have acted and all of the personal attacks they have been dishing out. The Big Brother feeds are littered with revisionist history comments from the duo.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during February 2022.

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Stephen Schaefer
Stephen Schaefer
2 years ago

Should Meisha bring Carson down since she made a deal to keep Carson safe? That way Todd could put up Toddlerick