Todd Bridges from Celebrity Big Brother shares update on weight loss

Todd And Julie CBB3
The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast featured actor Todd Bridges as a houseguest. Pic credit: CBS

Todd Bridges has gone on a weight-loss journey following his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house this winter.

As Todd put it today, “I’m getting rid of a dumb lap sickness. My belly done lap over my belt.”

And the good news, according to Todd, is that he has already lost 15 pounds since he decided to put in the effort to get healthier.

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This past winter, Todd was part of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast. He received a lot of support from viewers of the show, even though he wound up finishing in fourth place. Miesha Tate was declared the CBB3 winner, with Todrick Hall finishing in second place.

But during his time on the show, Todd gained a lot of new fans, mostly due to his honesty and humor. Big Brother fans watching him on the live feeds got treated to even more fun than the fans who just watched the episodes on CBS.

Todd Bridges shares his weight-loss journey on social media

On Tuesday, Todd took to his Twitter account to share a new photo in his baseball uniform. He has been sharing photos of his baseball team over the past few days with the start of a new season arriving.

“The Size is coming off. I’m very happy with my progress,” Todd wrote next to a smiling photo of himself.

Todd Bridges Belt Joke
Todd Bridges shares a joke about his weight loss. Pic credit: @ToddBridges/Twitter

We wish him well as he continues his personal journey to get healthier.

Todd Bridges Weight Loss
Todd Bridges wrote about his weight loss when asked by a fan. Pic credit: @ToddBridges/Twitter

More news from the world of Big Brother

Speaking of Celebrity Big Brother 3, former houseguest Shanna Moakler was seen out at dinner with Matthew Rondeau following his arrest. It raised some questions about the current state of their relationship and if Shanna is going to try to work things out with him.

Just hours after the Celebrity Big Brother season finale, Rondeau was arrested at Moakler’s home. He has since been released, but it seemed like their relationship was going to be over for good.

Recently, Shanna Moakler also revealed that she is pregnant. This was a huge bombshell for the model to drop on her fans.

And in other news, Todrick Hall gave a reason why he vanished after losing to Miesha Tate on the finale of CBB3. He also stated that he would elaborate further on the situation at some point in the future.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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