Shanna Moakler is pregnant, Celebrity Big Brother alum reveals the huge news

Shanna Playing On CBB3
Some big news was shared by Shanna Moakler from Celebrity Big Brother 3. Pic credit: CBS

Shanna Moakler is pregnant and expecting her fourth child.

The surprising news was revealed today in a statement that Shanna provided to People.

“I took a pregnancy test and it is positive,” Moakler stated.

“This has been a very difficult week, but I’m taking everything day by day,” Moakler went on to say.

It has definitely been a rough week for Shanna Moakler

A lot has taken place following the Celebrity Big Brother finale, culminating in a protective order being granted to Shanna Moakler due to an incident that took place with her former boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau.

An incident took place at her house, and it led to Rondeau getting arrested. He has since been released, and Rondeau put out a statement of his own.

Nobody expected that the next big piece of news to come from the situation would be Moakler sharing that she is now pregnant.

Moakler speaks about her new pregnancy

Early on Thursday, the new report came out, with Moakler confirming that she is pregnant. She didn’t reveal a lot of details, nor did she name the father publicly, yet.

It is very likely that she will give another interview or two in the near future where she speaks about being pregnant with her fourth child.

Celebrity Big Brother 4 put on hold?

Host Julie Chen Moonves feels it might be a while before Celebrity Big Brother 4 takes place. The ratings weren’t great and the controversy at the end of the season might make it difficult to bring back right away.

Runner-up Todrick Hall has returned to social media, but he doesn’t appear interested in issuing any apologies for the way that he played Big Brother this winter.

Something for fans to look forward to is the Big Brother 24 season airing this summer. The production team is currently putting together a cast and they should begin playing the game in late June or early July of 2022.

It looks like this will be an entirely brand-new cast of characters, giving Big Brother fans a new group of people to cheer on this summer.

And in other news, Nicole Franzel retired from reality TV, so we won’t be seeing her inside of the Big Brother house again anytime soon. She is devoted to staying at home and being a mother to Baby Arrow. This is her first child with fellow Big Brother alum Victor Arroyo.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2024.

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