Todrick Hall says Celebrity Big Brother ‘was just a game’ and blames Shanna Moakler for drama in new interview

Todrick in BB DR
During the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season, Todrick Hall finished in second place. Pic credit: CBS

Todrick Hall from the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 season was featured during a segment on Thursday night’s episode of Entertainment Tonight.

Upfront, ET stated that the story was about the “backlash” that Todrick had received for his behavior in the house and for “insensitive comments he made about Shanna Moakler” while he claimed just to be “playing the game” this winter.

Former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall joined the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, stating upfront that he was one of the biggest Big Brother fans around. He was also one of the few celebrities this season who even understood the game.

But while Todrick was doing well at the game of Big Brother, he was also making personal attacks that involved family members of other houseguests, getting mad at Lamar Odom for supporting a “white, blonde girl” (Shanna), and carrying out what many Big Brother fans called the “slut shaming” of Shanna.

And after Shanna got evicted, Todrick said she was the one that needed to apologize to him.

Todrick Hall interview on Entertainment Tonight

“I know I said a lot of things that offended people, and so for that, I apologize, because for me, it was just a game,” Todrick Hall answered when he was asked by ET what his biggest regret was about his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother 3.

He then claimed to be the person “on the other side of the house,” rooting for Shanna and claimed that the footage of that didn’t get shown during the episodes. Fans didn’t see it on the live feeds, either.

Closing out the part about Celebrity Big Brother on the show, Todrick deflected a bit by saying, “time heals all wounds” in regard to what Shanna felt on the show, without ever directly apologizing to her.

Todrick blames Shanna in extended interview about Celebrity Big Brother

“I really, really liked her,” Todrick shared in an extended interview shared online by ET. “I thought she had great fashion. We had a lot of real moments. It is unfortunate to me that we are the ones that were butting heads the most. But I think time heals all wounds.”

Todrick also claimed that he “didn’t have any issues with [Shanna] until she started having issues with me first.”

And while claiming that there was a lot that happened when the feeds were off that made the situation Shanna’s fault, he never actually clarified what he was claiming happened.

“While I’m not saying that releases me from any responsibility of things that I did when there, there are open moments in the live feeds where sometimes on certain days, the live feeds were only on seven percent,” Todrick gave as an excuse for his behavior that fans saw on the show.

“There are certain parts of Shanna and I’s situation that are just completely not true,” Todrick added, while also stating that, “I would love for us to build a relationship at some point. I don’t dislike her at all.”  

No, he didn’t clarify what he was claiming was “not true” either.

In other news about Celebrity Big Brother 3, Todd Bridges has been sharing his weight-loss journey as he works to get healthier.

Elsewhere, Shanna Moakler said she is now not pregnant and explained what led to an earlier positive pregnancy test.

Over on the new CBS reality competition show, Beyond the Edge, former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Metta World Peace quit the show on Episode 2. He is still remembered for quitting Celebrity Big Brother as well.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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Patti Aquino
Patti Aquino
1 year ago

Stop blaming everyone for the things that happen in your life. It’s you’re own fault and I don’t like you at all.

1 year ago

LOL @ ni66er please boffalo soldier hypocrite. spot on!