Shanna Moakler now says she is not pregnant, Celebrity Big Brother alum speaks about what happened

Shanna Moakler On CBS
Model Shanna Moakler was a part of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Shanna Moakler announced to the world that she was pregnant following her time in the Big Brother house this winter.

But now, Shanna says that she isn’t actually pregnant and that what she experienced before was a false positive.

Since being a part of the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast, life has been pretty busy for Shanna. And that includes her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, getting arrested at her home. Shanna and Matthew were recently seen out to dinner together, raising more questions.

And then came the moment where Shanna went public with a pregnancy announcement, where she left out who she thought the father was at the time. According to her now, there is no father.

Shanna Moakler gives an interview about non-pregnancy

“OK, I am not pregnant,” Shanna told Page Six. “I received a false positive test due to the fact I had taken a hormone called HCG to help me lose weight for Big Brother.”

“It is the same hormone that is produced when a woman is pregnant resulting in the false positive,” Shanna elaborated.

Even though she has confirmed that she is not pregnant at this time, Shanna did go on to say that having more kids is “not out of the question for me.”

Shanna asked her followers for ‘a kind word’

This week, Shanna also made a post to Instagram where she left a message of positivity to all of her fans and followers.

“Let me spell it out… a b c d e f g h I love you….❤️ stay happy and healthy world,” Shanna wrote as the caption for an Instagram picture of herself.

A few of the comments weren’t very kind and it led to Shanna making a comment of her own on the photo.

“I honestly just need a kind word… so if you can’t… just unfollow me or find another hobby….,” Shanna wrote.

“Stay positive love. The world is cruel but you know your truth. You’re beautiful hang in there ❤️,” one follower wrote back to Shanna.

“u are beautiful! Do u! It doesn’t matter who u are with or without. U be happy! ❤️[sic],” another follower wrote.

Shanna Instagram Note
Shanna Moakler wrote a note to her followers. Pic credit @ShannaMoakler/Instagram

For Big Brother fans who are looking forward to watching more of the show, another season will be hitting CBS this summer. Casting for BB24 is already underway and pretty soon, we will be getting introduced to a brand-new group of houseguests.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS in Summer 2022.

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