Metta World Peace talks about why he quit Beyond the Edge after also quitting on Celebrity Big Brother

Beyond The Edge Full Cast
The first Beyond the Edge cast filmed a Survivor-like show for celebrities down in Panama. Pic credit: CBS

Metta World Peace quit the show on just the second episode of Beyond the Edge.

As he spoke about it on the show, Metta noted that he was ready to quit on the first day that the celebrities were in the jungle.

For reality competition fans, this is a story very similar to the one that Metta created for himself on Celebrity Big Brother. He didn’t enjoy being away from his family and he ended up quitting the USA version of the show during its first season.

Now, Metta has also walked away from a show that is basically Survivor for celebrities, where nine people are battling it out in challenges to earn money for charity.

Metta World Peace talks about why he quit Beyond the Edge

“I mean, I thought it was a really great experience. It was really tough. I thought it was a great way to just get back in touch with yourself. There was a beautiful jungle right next to a beach. That was really incredible,” Metta World Peace said when answering a question about his time on Beyond the Edge during an interview he did with Mike Bloom.

“But there was also times where it was tough being in the jungle at nighttime when it’s really dark and three sides around you are open. You just don’t know what’s out there,” Metta went on to add.

Metta also spoke about how “tough” the food situation was down in Panama, how he couldn’t sleep at night as he kept watch for animals, and how he thinks his family “responded kindly” when he came back early from his adventure.

It’s really starting to seem like reality competition shows where Metta has to be away from his family are just not his thing. They aren’t for everyone.

The cast of Beyond the Edge keeps playing the game

Eight members of the Beyond the Edge cast remain in the game after two episodes, including actress Jodie Sweetin, who spoke about how several injuries have hampered her on the show already.

They will be back to battle it out again next Wednesday night in their quest to raise a lot of money for charity. For Survivor fans, the show has been pretty good for something centered on celebrities, even though it does take a hit for having someone quit so early.

Over on Survivor 42, Jonathan Young turned in an epic performance on the latest episode, taking his tribe on his back during a challenge that two other tribes couldn’t even fully complete. It was remarkable, and even if Jonathan doesn’t win Survivor 42, he already showed why he would deserve a second shot at the game in the future.

For television viewers looking to catch up on Beyond the Edge or Survivor 42, earlier episodes from the season are available for streaming on Paramount+. Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 is also on there.

Survivor 42 airs at 8/7c and Beyond the Edge airs at 9/8c on Wednesdays, and Big Brother 24 airs in Summer 2022 on CBS.

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John P Harris
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Metra World LOSER

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cuz he a “victim” and got paid to show up. pathetic.