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Celebrity Big Brother rumors: Several new names linked to show

Boston Rob On Survivor
Boston Rob Mariano from Survivor has been linked to Celebrity Big Brother through rumors. Pic credit: CBS

Celebrity Big Brother rumors revealed a number of new names that CBS viewers might get to see play the game this winter.

Twitter user SpoilerGirl1, who has been known for sharing information about Big Brother and CBS soap operas, dropped a few names that she claims the producers want in the house this winter.

We already knew about two of the names, as Tiffany Pollard and Clay Aiken were in earlier Big Brother rumors. Pollard is a reality show star, while Aiken is a singer who fans got to know on American Idol.

Now, we have three new names to add to the mix as possible houseguests for the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother.

New names mentioned in Celebrity Big Brother rumors

The three new names that have been mentioned are Boston Rob Mariano, Jax Taylor, and Kellyanne Conway.

Boston Rob is a Survivor legend who has won the game and played it five times over the years. He was even brought back for an additional season as a mentor and is easily recognizable for the Boston Red Sox hat he always seems to be wearing.

Jax Taylor is a reality television name from the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules. He is married to Brittany Cartwright and his given name is Jason Michael Cauchi.

And then there is Kellyanne Conway, who was part of the administration for President Donald Trump. She worked as a political consultant, a pollster, and a Senior Counselor for several years.

New CBB3 Names
Some possible houseguests for Celebrity Big Brother 3 were revealed. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Celebrity Big Brother houseguests will never be A-list people

This is a good time to remind Big Brother fans that none of the people who are going to choose to play Celebrity Big Brother this winter will be considered A-list celebrities. It’s just not a time commitment or reality show that A-listers tend to gravitate toward.

We know that some Big Brother fans like to say “who?” when the names of people rumored to be on Celebrity Big Brother 3 come up, but it would be far too expensive to try to lure someone at the height of their celebrity status to dedicate almost two months to the show.

At the same time, the right group of lower-level celebrities could lead to a really fun winter season of the show. One name that we feel the show’s producers should try to get is Kate Chastain from the Bravo show Below Deck.

The new group of people that host Julie Chen Moonves will introduce to CBS viewers will begin playing the game in February 2022.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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