Cody Calafiore reveals who he wants to see on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Cody Cal On CBB3
Cody Calafiore talked to his Twitch followers about Celebrity Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Cody Calafiore has some ideas about Celebrity Big Brother 3 this winter and that includes one person in particular that he would love to see play the game.

The big news is that CBS is bringing back Big Brother: Celebrity Edition for Winter 2022 and it will be a way for the network to offer alternative programming to the 2022 Winter Olympics over on NBC.

Recently, CBS dropped the full Celebrity Big Brother 3 TV schedule and we are going to get a lot of episodes during the month of February. There are even a number of two-hour episodes in the mix that should offer viewers a lot of new content.

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With the new season arriving this winter, it has led to a lot of rumors about who will be playing Big Brother this time around. The latest CBB3 rumors have several people from the world of politics linked to the show.

Who does Cody Calafiore want to see on Celebrity Big Brother?

During a recent Twitch streaming session, Cody spoke a lot about Celebrity Big Brother with his followers. He touched on the topic of some of the rumored houseguests (including Boston Rob Mariano from Survivor), as well as the problem of having celebrities on the show who want to quit after only playing the game for a few days.

If Cody could see anyone play Celebrity Big Brother, he would want to see Zac Efron in the house. Cody noted upfront that he doesn’t believe that Efron would ever want to play Big Brother, but it’s certainly a good choice of someone who could do well in the social and physical components of Big Brother. Plus, someone like Efron could lead to great TV ratings. But, he’s right, Efron seems like a very unlikely person to ever play Big Brother.

Regarding Boston Rob, Cody says he looks forward to seeing him play (if Rob is indeed a part of the cast).

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Celebrities have threatened to quit Big Brother early

Big Brother fans already know that one of the problems with having celebrities in the game is that many of them get homesick very quickly. Whether it is missing their families, missing their lifestyles, or seeking the freedoms they have outside of the game, quite a few celebrities have quit during the first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother USA.

Some of those celebrities have asked to be voted out, while others have thrown challenges or asked to be put up on the block. When that happens, it hurts alliances that they have been a part of on the season and it also makes the show far less entertaining for Big Brother fans who are watching on CBS or through the live feeds online.

Cody noted that less backyard time during the winter season can get to people and he makes a good point about the celebrities getting locked down in the house for an extended period of time, even if the season is much shorter than a summer installment. Cody and some of his Twitch followers were on the same page as other Big Brother fans in that we all just want a full cast of people who want to be in the house for the entire season.

As for another name that came up during Cody’s Twitch session, one person suggested reality star and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson. Someone said that she would be too messy, but Cody stated that messy might be exactly what producers are looking for this winter.

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Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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