The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies midseason trailer reveals snakes, planes, and potential drama

nelson thomas vs kyle christie in spies lies and allies midseason trailer
Nelson Thomas and Kyle Christie get into a heated argument during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies midseason trailer has dropped, bringing viewers a look at what’s on the way for the Season 37 cast.

Based on the footage, more mayhem is coming in a season that has already seen plenty of drama with altercations, cast members kicked off, and the veterans turning against one another.

The latest video arrived just after new teams formed, a competitor was sent home via elimination, and a new twist came for the winning cast member, allowing them to make a big decision.

The Challenge: Season 37 midseason trailer arrives online

After each episode, MTV typically releases a preview trailer for the next episode. However, they released a complete midseason trailer after Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 10.

In that trailer, upcoming episode footage shows competitors screaming at others, a cast member planning to throw a mission, two vets possibly ready to fight, and a snake slithering around inside its container.

“Shut the f**k up, you b****s don’t want to see this,” Tori Deal screams at someone during a daily mission.

“You can’t manipulate me,” Devin Walker tells someone in a club scene. The camera cuts to Amanda Garcia also at the club, so she may be the person he’s talking with, but is he talking about her?

In another scene, Cory Wharton tells several castmates he’s throwing a mission in order to go into elimination and take someone out. Could Cory be attempting to get away from his team?

There’s also another in-house confrontation, this time involving Nelson Thomas and Kyle Christie getting right in each other’s faces. Will another veteran cast member get kicked off?

Additionally, the new trailer (below) gives a preview of several upcoming missions. That includes Tori knocking opponents down, a mission with the front of a plane submerged underwater, and possibly an event with snakes. There’s also an elimination featuring a flaming rope and what appears to be TJ Lavin speaking to cast members at the final.

Season format and teams changed in Episode 10

At the end of Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 9, it was clear things might change for the competitors. After Cory and his teammate, Bettina Buchanan won their elimination, TJ told them to rejoin the group rather than deciding on teammates. It hinted at a big twist since every previous elimination allowed the winners to choose who they wanted as partners.

In Episode 10, TJ Lavin informed the competitors at their daily mission that they were now working as individuals. That lasted for the first part of the daily challenge until they all ended up in three teams of six competitors each.

Those teams were called Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire. The winning team in the daily challenge, Emerald, became The Agency. Those six individuals got to listen to cast members plead their cases at deliberation for why they didn’t want to go into elimination.

It was a women’s elimination day, and The Agency voted for who they wanted to go into elimination. It ended up being rookie Priscilla Anyabu.

Another twist arrived at the elimination, as Priscilla was allowed to choose her opponent for the elimination. She went with a bold move, calling in two-time Challenge champion Ashley Mitchell.

Unfortunately, Priscilla couldn’t defeat the experienced veteran, and her time ended on The Challenge. With Ashley’s win, TJ introduced the next big twist. He told her she could rejoin her team or steal a spot on another team, including the winning team.

Ashley opted to go back to her team, which also included her friend Amanda Garcia. Even though she didn’t make a big move, the new rules likely have many cast members plotting their next moves as the season continues.

Along with the Spies, Lies & Allies midseason trailer, fans also got their first look at The Challenge: All Stars 2, thanks to a teaser trailer. With that, The Challenge fans will have plenty of episodes in the coming weeks between MTV and Paramount Plus!

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on November 11 on Paramount+.

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