The Challenge Season 37, Episode 10 recap: Who went home from Spies, Lies & Allies elimination?

cory wharton appears in the challenge season 37 episode 10
Cory Wharton during the daily mission in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies cast arrived back to headquarters, with Tori Deal and Devin Walker now partnerless and wondering what was next for them.

Teammates Cory Wharton and Bettina Buchanan celebrated winning their first elimination of the season. Cory also spoke privately with his friend Nelson Thomas about wanting revenge against specific vets.

Nelson told Cory to take them out “one by one.” Cory said Ashley Mitchell, Amanda Garcia, and Kyle Christie are on his list.

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Tori and CT Tamburello talked about Amber Borzotra getting eliminated and how the game might have changed to individuals instead of teams. CT thought they’d all get to choose new teammates.

Logan done with showmance, cast members motivated to win

Rookies Priscilla Anyabu and Bettina talked about their reasons for wanting to win the final, including wanting to show others what they’re capable of doing. Priscilla got teary speaking about her mom and wanting to win for her.

Big T Fazakerley and Logan Sampedro’s showmance appeared with Big T confessing in her confessional that she thinks she found her soulmate. Logan told Josh Martinez he doesn’t want anything serious with Big T.

Amanda had a video call with her friend, who was taking care of Amanda’s son Avonni. Amanda became emotional during her confessional interview as she questioned if she made the right decision to leave her son during the pandemic for The Challenge. Amanda’s friend reminded her she was there to win for her son.

TJ reveals season format change and new daily challenge

At the daily challenge, host TJ Lavin informed the competitors that they’d no longer be competing in pairs. They started the next mission as individuals.

The competitors competed in Diamond Dash, where they could choose to complete different assignments. Each of the assignments involved getting codes to unlock safes. Once they got through that part of the daily challenge, there was another aspect.

Nelson was the first to finish and retrieve a gem from a safe. They had to choose to place their gems on one of three different platforms. Nelson placed his gem in a spot first. Josh was next and put his in a different one, followed by Cory. Others soon arrived, and teams formed.

When CT showed up, things got dramatic as everyone wanted the No. 1 draft pick for their team. He chose to work with Ed Eason and Nelson. Kaycee Clark joined a team featuring Josh and Devin, as did Tori and Nany Gonzalez. Ashley and Amanda teamed up with CT, Ed, and Nelson.

Logan experienced an injury while running, as he said he felt some sort of “crack” happen in his leg, but he still made it to join a team.

The three teams were Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, with each consisting of six team members. Ruby team was Kyle, Cory, Priscilla, Emy Alupei, Big T, and Logan. Sapphire included CT, Ed, Nelson, Bettina, Amanda, and Ashley. Emerald was Devin, Josh, Nany, Kaycee, Tori, and Emanuel Neagu.

These would be the teams going forward, according to TJ. The winning team in the daily challenge would be the only people safe from that day’s elimination.

For the final part of their mission, teams had to rush over with sledgehammers to smash cinder blocks, use the pieces to weigh down a balance system, and retrieve a diamond to run to the finish spot. Devin came up with a smart strategy to quickly help the Emerald team win it.

TJ told the Emerald team they were safe from elimination and would choose one woman to go into elimination.

The Challenge cast’s night out and deliberation voting

The cast enjoyed time at the club, but female competitors wondered and worried about who would go into elimination.

Amanda and Ashley felt it could be them. Priscilla admitted she knew she was a target after her game-changing move several episodes ago. Other names that popped up were Big T and Bettina.

The next day, Big T told Priscilla that Logan ended things with her in the house and just wanted to be friends. Priscilla talked to Big T about their strategy for the upcoming deliberation.

The Emerald team discussed who to target, and Emanuel defended his friend Emy when her name came up. Devin said they should target the strongest girl from the worst team, Priscilla. He said that would keep the teams’ chances at winning low.

Ashley’s name also came up with Nany saying she doesn’t trust her. Tori and Nany said they didn’t want to see her in a final.

At deliberation, The Agency was now the six people who won the daily challenge. TJ told them to listen to other cast members’ cases and decide which female to compromise for elimination.

Cory brought up how his team didn’t seem unified like the other teams, calling Kyle out for not wearing the same team color. Kyle joked he was wearing the color of a winning team, Emerald.

Priscilla told everyone she’d already been in and felt they should keep her around as an inexperienced opponent for the final. Ashley said even though she won The Challenge final twice, she didn’t feel she was better than any other competitors there.

After everyone pleaded their cases, The Agency members voted Priscilla as their choice.

Who went home in the Episode 10 elimination?

At The Lair, TJ called down Priscilla as the Compromised Agent. She said she realizes her previous move brought consequences, but she owned the “f**k out of it.”

TJ surprised everyone when he told Priscilla to pick her opponent from her team or the other losing team. Priscilla boldly called out Ashley.

They competed in Seek and Destroy. They had to dig up eight colored tires in the sand to place on a pole. Once they did that, a sequence of lights flashed for them to memorize. Those lights helped them figure out the proper order to stack their tires up on the pole.

the challenge spies lies and allies episode 10 elimination event
Priscilla Anyabu and Ashley Mitchell compete in Seek and Destroy elimination event for Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

Amanda and Ashley each spoke about being happy to have one another there for this season. Ashley called Amanda a great friend and admirable person for being a nurse during the pandemic.

Ashley built a big lead early on, getting five tires compared to three for Priscilla, who started getting stressed. Ashley eventually got all eight, and her light sequence showed up.

Veteran castmates kept yelling out the order of the colors to help Ashley out as Priscilla was still digging for her tires. Ashley eventually yelled for them to check on her tires, and she got the win.

With that, The Challenge rookie Priscilla had to head home. She mentioned her friends Big T and Bettina, who she was leaving behind.

TJ told Ashley she got to decide if she wanted to rejoin her team or steal someone’s spot on another team.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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