Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie Edwards says ‘Game’s over,’ shares cryptic post amid feud with Maci and Taylor

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie told her fans she’s gotten the “peace of being able to walk free” amid the feud between her and Ryan and Maci and Taylor. Pic credit: MTV

Former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Edwards shared a cryptic post amid the controversy between Maci and Taylor McKinney and told her fans that the “game’s over.”

On Friday night, Mackenzie shared a quote with her followers that read, “…. she remembered who she was, and the game changed,” along with the emojis ???.

One of Mackenzie’s followers commented, “you and Ryan deserve the peace of being able to walk FREE.”

Mackenzie told a follower, ‘Game’s over’ and that they ‘got’ the peace of being able to walk free

Ryan’s wife replied, “and we got it! Games over”

Mackenzie responded to a fan comment on her post after the fan made remarks about her being kind to her stepchild, Bentley.

Another one of Mackenzie’s followers commented, “she should be more kind to her step child and his mother. She should also be more kind to her children by not condoning their fathers behavior,” and the two exchanged words in the comments of her post.

Mackenzie replied, “I love every single one of our kids more than life itself.”

The poster replied back, “believe that, I never said you didn’t, but it’s time to take that love and use it to protect them.”

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Mackenzie told a follower, “Game’s over.” Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Mackenzie told a commenter, ‘being off this show is a blessing in disguise’

Mackenzie responded once again, “like I’ve said previously, being off this show is a blessing in disguise. They deserve way freaking better than this bs.”

Mackenzie’s husband, Ryan, made the same sentiments about being done with show earlier this month.

A couple of fans commented that they noticed fellow Teen Mom franchise star Leah Messer liked the post, and one tagged Maci.

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Ryan’s wife told followers she loves all of their kids. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Her post comes on the heels of Taylor and Maci’s clothing company, TTM, announcing they’re now selling t-shirts with the hashtag #PETTYB*TCH on the front, one that reads #TEAMTAYLOR, and another with the hashtag #TEAMBENTLEY.

Fans of the show know that the feud between Ryan Edwards and his family versus Maci and Taylor has been going on for years. Things heated up this year, though, when Maci and Mackenzie got into a Twitter war, hence the “PettyB***h” hashtag t-shirts.

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Mackenzie admitted that being off the show is a “blessing in disguise.” Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

Mackenzie, along with her husband Ryan and in-laws Jen and Larry Edwards, were all fired from the Teen Mom OG show, a move the Edwards blamed on Maci.

This wasn’t the first time Mackenzie mentioned being relieved to no longer be part of the show

Mackenzie spoke out about the firings, saying that she and Ryan were moving on with their lives. And Mackenzie has said she’s relieved to be done with the show, even before she posted it in her comments.

Mackenzie Edwards formerly of Teen Mom OG on Instagram
Mackenzie’s fans pointed out that Leah Messer liked the post. Pic credit: @mackedwards95/Instagram

When it came time to film this season’s reunion, Ryan and Mackenzie refused to sit with Maci and Taylor on the couch, so his parents Jen and Larry took his place.

But that didn’t mean things would calm down — fans watched Taylor and Maci storm off the set after a huge blowout during the reunion with Ryan’s parents.

Now that Mackenzie, Ryan, and the rest of his family aren’t filming for Teen Mom, they’re reported to be busy with their own endeavors.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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