Teen Mom OG reunion: Maci and Taylor walk off stage, Ryan Edwards’ mom says she’s ‘done with the show’

Larry and Jen Edwards and Maci and Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Maci and Taylor walked off the stage in the second half of the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

During the second half of the Teen Mom OG reunion, things got heated once more between Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney and Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, resulting in Maci and Taylor walking off the set.

The reunion episode started where it left off last week, with Taylor and Larry in a heated argument over Bentley being guilted into feeling bad for Ryan.

Larry’s wife, Jen, and Taylor’s wife, Maci, both tried to stop their husbands from taking the argument any further, as both men sat on the edge of their seats, looking as though things might turn physical as the two stood up at one point.

Jen repeatedly told Taylor that he needed to step back, and he retaliated by telling Larry that he was a “sorry son of a b***h.” Dr. Drew pointed out that name-calling wasn’t putting Bentley ahead of their feelings.

Taylor’s response was that he has repeatedly watched Jen and Larry’s “piece of crap son” call Maci an “evil b***h.”

Taylor offered to play a recording of Ryan threatening to ‘put a bullet’ in his head

When Larry started to attack Taylor once more verbally, he brought up the fact that he and Maci have a recording of Ryan threatening to “put a bullet” in his head, which they said they used in court against him.

When Jen and Larry repeatedly asked Taylor to play the recording, he instead stood up, telling Maci, “Let’s go.”

Maci continued arguing with Ryan’s parents, explaining that a judge issued an order of protection from Ryan, and that he plead guilty.

Taylor tried to pull Maci off the couch by her hand, but she was still engaging with Jen and Larry. Jen told Taylor, “You are not putting Bentley first in this,” as she pointed her finger at him.

Taylor fired back, telling Jen that she guilt trips Bentley, which she adamantly denied. Maci calmly told Jen, “That’s not true, Jen.”

Maci and Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Taylor and Maci walked off the set of the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Taylor and Maci walked off set, while still screaming at Jen and Larry

Finally, Maci stood up to follow Taylor off the set, as he was still yelling things at Jen and Larry. He shouted as he walked away, “When you say things like, ‘Oh, your dad, we can’t have a party without your dad,’ … it’s Bentley’s birthday party! It ain’t Ryan’s birthday party! Put the kid first! Stop putting that sorry excuse of a human being first!”

Jen and Larry seemed shocked as they remained on the couch while Dr. Drew tried to calm the situation. When Jen said, “It seems like they’re the ones that are hurt,” Dr. Drew said, “Yeah, well, you guys are hurt, too.”

Maci spoke up and said, “Yeah, for their son! Nobody else gives a f**k how he feels.”

Still walking off the set and mic’d up, Taylor yelled, “Tell your coward of a son to come sit on the couch next year!”

Dr. Drew tried to get Larry and Jen to see things from Maci and Taylor’s perspective when he said to them, “This is gonna sound like, almost silly, Larry and Jen, but I wonder if you watched the footage of this season at least you’d understand kind of what they’re reacting to? Some of the stuff you don’t see that Ryan says about Maci, it’s pretty, well, terribly harsh. Terribly harsh.”

Jen spoke up: “Okay, so this season? Or 10 years ago?”

Dr. Drew clarified that he was referring to the current season, right now.

Jen suggested that Taylor might be jealous of Ryan

When Dr. Drew pointed out that he saw that Taylor is angry with Ryan, Jen asked him, “Is he angry at Ryan or is he jealous of Ryan?”

Dr. Drew explained that Taylor opened his segment after having just watched clips of Ryan mistreating Maci, and it got him “hot.”

Jen asked to be shown what Ryan said about Maci, claiming she had no idea. Larry chimed in, “Yeah, we don’t have a clue. And there again, we don’t have control over what Ryan says.”

Jen Edwards of Teen Mom OG
Ryan’s mom, Jen Edwards, said she was “done with this show.” Pic credit: MTV

Jen wanted to know what had Taylor so angry and wanted him to come back inside and tell them what he was so angry about, and suggested they talk about it, and said, “Let’s be f***ing adults.”

Jen began weeping and said, “I’m done with this bulls**t. I’m done with this show. I’m done, I’m done.”

It turns out that Jen and Larry are, in fact, done with the show after all, as news broke that they were fired from Teen Mom OG, along with their son, Ryan, and his wife, Mackenzie.

Ryan spoke out recently after hearing what Taylor had to say on the reunion and fired back with his own statements, calling Taylor a “punk b***h.”

Hopefully for the sake of Bentley, the adults can work through their issues and put his feelings and best interests first.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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