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Sister Wives spoilers: Kody Brown sees his family as an ‘obstacle to his own goals’

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody revealed that his family is “an obstacle to his own goals.” Pic credit: TLC

In the first half of the season finale episode of Sister Wives, the family met up at Coyote Pass to discuss their communication differences, and Kody ended up admitting to his wives that his family has become “an obstacle” to his own goals.

The five spouses sat socially distanced from each other in chairs due to the pandemic and talked about what their individual needs and expectations were when it came to how they communicated with each other.

Kody was his typical cynical self as he has been lately, and as seen in an earlier preview, didn’t want to write down his concerns, claiming he didn’t “give a s**t anymore.”

He said to his wives, “It’s like, everybody’s happy where they’re living, great. We could sell this property, you know?”

Kody revealed that they are no longer ‘one family’ and more separate than ever

Back on the confessional couch, Kody told the cameras, “We are not one family anymore. And in all of our years in Vegas, we struggled. We struggled to be this one family thing.”

He continued, “And as I go through that process, I learn how vastly different each part of my family is and kind of has their own values. Then we get to Flagstaff, and I feel like I’m not having to struggle with it as much, because we’re not as close together.”

Back at Coyote Pass, Kody tells his wives, “I don’t see Team Brown anymore.”

During her solo confessional, Janelle admitted that she feels the family is “right on the cusp” of being separate or together as a family.

Janelle pointed out that in theory, they’re “one team,” but they’re really not working as a team.

Christine unexpectedly read something special to the other spouses

Christine, who wants to move back to Utah, spoke up and told the rest of the adults she was going to read them something, as she pulled out her phone.

She began, “The Kody Brown family: Our family is forever joined with the purpose of developing our own divine energy and raising righteous children. As sister wives and husband, we embrace one another with the covenant of an eternal nature.”

She continued, as Kody fiddled with his sunglasses and looked down at the table, “We enjoy being together as a family because we have developed a safe, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, where we love and respect one another.”

Robyn, who agreed with Janelle about what affects their relationships, looked down at the ground and fiddled with a pen in her hand while Christine continued to read from her phone.

Janelle, who was more optimistic about the family’s future than Kody, recognized the writing as the family’s mission statement, and Christine got a bit teary-eyed as she finished reading it.

Meri got emotional reflecting on the family’s mission statement

For Meri’s turn on the confessional couch, she revealed that she loves their family’s mission statement because it reminds her of “better times.”

Meri, who is still struggling with the loss of her mother, fought off tears as she told cameras, “I just want our family to get back to that. And I get really scared that we’re not going to.”

Christine, who doesn’t want to “do marriage anymore” with Kody, continued after her reading, to tell the other spouses, “We worked really hard on that. It took us months and months and months and months. And I think it’s easier to forget about it. I think it’s easier to do our own thing.”

“Is it so much work to come back together again and want to be with each other again? Is it just too hard?”

Kody didn’t get sentimental about the mission statement, but instead voiced that the family is ‘an obstacle’ to his goals

Kody responded to Christine’s sentiments and added his feelings on the matters as he told his wives, “Honestly, I’m at a point now where I see the family, in many ways, as an obstacle to, to my own goals.”

Back on the confessional couch, Kody admitted that the five of them aren’t happy. He told cameras, “My wives say, you know, ‘if you weren’t in the picture, we would still get along.’ That’s such bull! I’ve seen these women treat each other so s****y for so many years that I can’t take it anymore.”

This season of Sister Wives has brought out a lot of self-admitted cynicism in Kody and more separation within the family than ever before.

Fans can tune in for one last dose of Brown family drama, polygamy-style, during tonight’s two-hour long season finale on TLC.

The Sister Wives two-hour season finale airs on tonight at 10/9c on TLC.

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