Sister Wives spoilers: Is Christine ready to leave Kody Brown?

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine said that her relationship with Kody is not what she wants in the season finale. Pic credit: TLC

In the Season 15 finale of Sister Wives, Christine Brown admitted that her relationship with Kody is not what she wants in a shocking admission.

Christine has been pushing for her family to move back to Utah, and when she felt her talk with Kody about the idea went well, she was optimistic that her sister wives would be on board, too.

Christine brought up moving back to Utah to Kody without the other wives present, and he wasn’t adamantly against the idea. He said that although he liked the idea of moving back to Utah, it wasn’t possible.

Kody admitted he was willing for Christine to take the fall for once instead of himself

During his confessional, Kody admitted that he was tired of always taking the blame for everything, so he was happy to let Christine get “crucified” for a change as he laughed about the idea.

Kody said that it was simply too late at that point to consider moving back to Utah. And ironically, just a few years prior, while still living in Las Vegas, Kody pitched moving to Utah to his wives, and they all rejected the idea.

Christine called the family for a meeting at their property on Coyote Pass where they talked about her idea to move.

Going into the conversation thinking she had Kody’s support gave Christine a boost of confidence. She admitted recently that she and Kody have had a “rough” relationship the last few years.

Christine pitched her idea of moving back to Utah to the other spouses

Christine brought up to the other spouses that when they visited their friends, the Dargers in Utah, she felt “normal” being around another polygamist family. She mentioned that it’s hard always feeling like an “oddity” living amongst monogamists.

Christine admitted that she was initially afraid of moving back to Utah because of the former laws against it, which once criminalized plural marriage as a felony.

Since polygamy was decriminalized from a felony to a minor infraction, Christine wondered why they hadn’t moved back yet.

Christine proposed to the rest of the adults that instead of building on their land at Coyote Pass, they sell it and use the money to move back to Utah. She made a similar pitch to her daughters in an earlier episode this season, but they weren’t convinced about leaving Flagstaff.

She wasn’t convinced they were going to build on Coyote Pass, being that they’ve lived there two years and haven’t done anything to develop the property yet.

Christine revealed that if it were just her, she would have already moved back to Utah.

The other wives weighed in with their thoughts about moving

Robyn understood Christine’s reason for wanting to move but couldn’t commit to the change for her youngest kids, Ari and Sol, and worried that the laws might change again. Robyn admitted recently that Ari and Sol struggle when they don’t see Kody.

Janelle, who has been more optimistic about the family’s future than Kody, admitted that her gut reaction to Christine’s proposal was anger and felt that Utah represented “loneliness.” Janelle wasn’t interested in throwing away all of the family’s efforts, agreements, and discussions about Coyote Pass just because of a change in the law.

She told Christine that she felt her only reason for wanting to move back seemed to be because her kids are there. Christine and Kody’s adult children, Aspyn, Mykelti, and Paedon all live in Utah, and now that Mykelti has given birth to a daughter, Christine’s first and only grandchild is in Utah, too.

Meri’s take was that they had been chased out of Utah once, when the family was under investigation for polygamy, prompting their move to Las Vegas, and said she “wouldn’t grace the state” with her presence again.

Kody changed his tune from the last time he discussed moving to Utah with Christine

Kody, who hinted that he didn’t care about his relationship with his wives anymore, had a different take on Christine’s proposal behind closed doors than he did in front of the other wives.

Kody pointed out that the family is deeply invested financially in Flagstaff between homes and property.

When Christine realized that she wasn’t going to convince the others to move, she began to cry, then broke down when she asked them, “We’re not moving, are we?”

Christine had trouble understanding why Kody wasn’t being supportive when he had a different outlook on it when they talked about it in private. There was awkward silence, as Kody and the other wives didn’t know what to say to console Christine.

When Christine broke down, Meri attempted to console her and talk her into staying with Kody and the family

Meri took Christine to the side, alone, and tried to console her and talk her down. Christine told Meri, “I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore,” and Meri reminded Christine to look over at the mountain as a reminder of what brought her peace when they first moved to Flagstaff.

Christine wasn’t feeling it and told Meri that the memories the mountain evoked “weren’t enough.” Meri persisted, telling Christine that she needed to “make it enough” and told Christine that she doesn’t get to give up so easily.

Meri tried to convince Christine that because she was hurting, she couldn’t make logical decisions about what she wanted and said she couldn’t be “real with her feelings” while experiencing such hurt.

Christine confessed during her solo interview that she “followed” Kody to Flagstaff but said it’s been a “struggle” the whole time they’ve lived there. She continued to say she was tired of feeling like she doesn’t matter and tired of not having Kody’s support when she needs it.

Is Christine done with polygamy?

Christine got candid and made some shocking admissions about her feelings when she told the cameras, “I’m just tired, I need a partnership, I need something different than this.”

Meri tried to convince Christine that she didn’t put in nearly 30 years of marriage just to walk away from Kody and the family.

Christine, who claimed that monogamy would cramp her style, said during her confessional that she appreciated Meri’s efforts because of what she lived through but said that Meri’s relationship is not what she desires.

She said of Meri, “Her relationship with Kody certainly isn’t one that I would want. And the relationship I have with Kody isn’t what I would want, either.”

“What I have here is not what I want right now.”

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